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Your SEO Content Requires Amazing Visuals; Check Out Why

Your SEO Content Requires Amazing Visuals; Check Out Why

October 15, 2018

If you are going to start a new content marketing campaign for your business, then you should have to consider some amazing visuals in your written work. The Internet world is all about attraction, and it will be a great thing for you as a webmaster to add a variety of different images in your content to get the attention of online readers. It’s not as that easy to find images those are perfectly relevant to the content you post. During the process of web development, you can use the image lookup tool to get your best image. Images, photos, and infographics can increase overall website traffic by 12%. Now the compelling videos and visuals are the vital part of any SEO strategy especially related to the content creation and posting.

“Telling stories with visuals is an ancient art. We've been drawing pictures on cave walls for centuries. It's like what they say about the perfect picture book. The art and the text stand alone, but together, they create something even better”. - Casey Affleck

Humans Prefer Visuals


It’s not just because of the reason that the online written content has to include visuals, it’s because that humans love to read topics that have images in it. Competition is on the rise and because of it, you have to be really creative in your approach. A visual in your web content can increase web traffic as well as your product acceptability by users. We are living in the age of visual culture, and it has become necessary for you to be the part of it if you want to grow your business. Following are the top most benefits of using visuals in written content.

•    Web content with images/ visuals got 95% more views.

•    65% of the customers will more likely to consider the content that includes images in it.

•    For an e-commerce site, the customer always wants a quality image.

•    Engagement rate on social media updates that have more catchy visuals is higher.

•    Local search results that include visuals always go on the top of the list.

Content with Visuals Create Connections


The sole purpose of content marketing is to attract new customers and create a healthy connection with them to increase overall growth. Images and visuals offer the opportunity to consistently drive new potential customers towards the products and services you sell.  Visuals you use in your written texts works as the important keywords that normally readers search to find out their relevant product or service. These works as the most consistent messaging that increase the familiarity of products among the customers and in return you create a healthy relationship with them. Here are some important tips to follow while considering new as well as suitable images for your site.

•    The images/visuals you post must be clear and of high resolution.

•    If you issue press releases, then do include visuals in it.

•    Respect the responses you get about your images from your customers.

Visuals Are the Key to Organic Search

Visuals and images are helpful in generating more organic traffic towards your site and in result increase SEO score.  Search engines have an eye on your web pages, social media and primary blogs. They give preference to those content that composed of unique images. This factor also helps webmasters to rank their business at the top places in local search results. More organic traffic means more return on investment, and growth opportunities. By adding images into the following sections can help you to generate the perfect amount of user’s appreciation.

•    Your website webpages

•    Your social media content

•    Your blogs & articles

Visuals have a positive Impact on Brain


An inclusion of quality image into the research work can make it more understandable and meaningful for the readers. SEO is all about getting the attraction of new as well as existing readers. By using innovative images you can increase the readability of your written words. When the readers will know that the stuff you share online have great images, then they will love to read your product insights again and again. The human brain is all about positive vibes. It can easily understand a well-crafted work that includes photos in it.

Drive More Leads

You can almost double the leads capacity of your business with innovative images that have a positive impact on users mind. For e-commerce websites, it’s very critical to add a true and accurate image of the product they sell to perfectly communicate the facts and figure. By doing so e-commerce businesses can increase overall customer’s loyalty, and in the result, the leads generation ratio will almost be double of the current amount. Keep in mind the following SEO rules for getting desired results out of images.

•    Don’t use stock images for your product representation

•    Use original and high-quality visuals

•    Don’t compromise on the copyright issue

•    USE tool like Adobe Photoshop to improve quality

•    Use optimal sized visual effects/ images

•    Implement SEO friendly Alt Text

•    Only use PNG OR JPEG for blog/article photos