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Paraphrase your content by the paraphrase tool of Prepostseo to improve its overall quality.

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Paraphrasing Tool

Paraphrase Tool by Prepostseo is an online paraphraser that can help quickly rephrase your essays, articles, blogs, etc., without changing the actual meaning. Our paraphrasing tool uses advanced AI and large language models to accurately paraphrase your content into a fresh, more engaging, and plagiarism-free one.

What is Paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing refers to the process of expressing existing content in your own unique words and sentences, without altering the original meaning. 

Paraphrasing is mainly done by using the below techniques;

  • Replacing original words with their suitable synonyms.

  • Changing sentence structures.

  • Altering the tone, tense, or voice of sentences in the original content.

And so on…

How to Use the Prepostseo Paraphrase Tool?

Our paraphrase online tool has a simple interface, you just follow these steps to paraphrase your content:

  • Enter the text that you want to rephrase into the input box of the paraphrasing tool.

  • Pick the “Paraphrasing Mode” such as; Standard, Academic,  Fluency, etc., that matches your requirements.

  • Click the "Paraphrase” button to start our paraphrase tool.

  • The paraphrase tool will quickly rephrase your content into a new one and highlight changes.

  • Review the changed text and “Copy to Clipboard” or “Download” it.