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Basic SEO

  1. Set up GSC and Bing Webmaster tools
  2. Set up Google Analytics Install and configure an SEO plugin (WordPress)
  3. Generate & submit a sitemap
  4. Create a Robots.txt file
  5. Check Search Console for manual actions
  6. Make Sure that your website is indexed
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Keyword Research

  1. Identify your competitors
  2. Find your main money keywords
  3. Find long-tail keyword variations
  4. Create a keyword map
  5. Analyze the intent of pages that rank
  6. Identify questions that are being asked
  7. Analyze how difficult it is to rank for target keywords
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Technical SEO

  1. Install HTTPS/SSL Certificate
  2. Check for duplicate versions of your site
  3. Find & fix crawl errors
  4. Improve site speed
  5. Fix broken internal & Outbound links
  6. Find and fix HTTP links on HTTPS pages
  7. Make it mobile-friendly
  8. Use an SEO-friendly URL structure
  9. Add structured data
  10. Check the page depth
  11. Check temporary 302 redirects
  12. Find and fix redirect chains & loops
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On Page SEO

  1. Fix duplicate, missing & truncated title tags
  2. Find & fix duplicate, missing meta descriptions
  3. Find and fix multiple HI tags
  4. Improve title & meta tags, and page content
  5. Optimize images (naming, ALT tags, size)
  6. Improve internal linking
  7. Find & fix keyword cannibalization
  8. Find & fix orphaned site pages
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Content Management

  1. Run a content audit and prune content
  2. Check if your is content up to date? If not, we’ll update it.

Off Page SEO

  1. Analyze your competitors link profile
  2. Conduct a link intersect analysis
  3. Build Tier 2.0 Links
  4. Turn unlinked mentions into links (If applied)
  5. Find new link building opportunities
  6. Set up and optimize Google My Business (If applied)
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