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Paste up to 10 websites to check their domain age: (one url on each line)

Check Domain Age

Check Domain Age for multiple websites

Domain Age is one of the big factors in the search engines ranking of your website. Domain which is registered more than a year ago can rank better as compare to the new websites. Moz also consider this factor when assign website authority to a website. A website which is registered more than 5 years ago is considered as a stable company.

Why to use this tool:

  1. Check information about your website
  2. Check domain age, if you are buying an existing stable website.
  3. Get information about your competitor.
  4. For advertising purposes
  5. Check age for up to 10 domain names quickly.

Domain Age checker tool allow you to check life of a website in just one click. You can check domain age for up to 10 sites by using our online tool. All you have to do is enter domain names in the input box (one url on each line) and click on the submit button.

This tool will not only tell you the created date of a domain but it also display the last updated date of a website. And if you want to check information of the registrar then you can use our domain whois checker tool.