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Words to Pages

There are moments where knowing how many words you compose every post helps, whereas a standard rule is one document comprising 500 words (single-spaced) or 250 words (double spaced), which is an approximate number. The fact is, the number of words per page depends on a lot of variables such as paragraph length, design features, font style, margin width, and font size.

All such factors cannot be taken into consideration manually when calculating how many words each page would be contain. This average words per page calculator will provide a more precise estimation of the words each page than the usual 250/500 approximate average.

In this post, we will discuss how to use words to pages converter, why you should use it, and an approximate figure of several words to page conversions.

How to use Words to Pages?

By taking more precise details into consideration, the converter will have a more reliable conversion. To make an estimate of words to pages, you should select from the given range of fonts:

  • Arial
  • Calibri
  • Comic Sans
  • Courier
  • Verdana
  • Times New Roman

You can pick your desired font size from: 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 or 14.

From the following choices, you can select your desired spacing:

  • Single spacing
  • 1.5 spacing
  • Double spacing

Follow these steps to calculate the total number of words per page:

  1. Enter the number of words or paste your text in the input box.
  2. Select the font family from the given options.
  3. After choosing the font family, select a font size.
  4. Choose spacing from the given options.

If you know the count of the words, it will provide a more precise assessment of how many pages you have generated. You can use our word counter to count the total number of words in your content.

Why use Words to Pages Converter?

Your instructor has possibly given you an assignment, so you want to figure out how many terms are 1000 terms per page? The words per page calculator, which converts the amount of the words in pages, is an excellent choice to consider. Students now have too many checkers for their homework; they can use word counter or plagiarism checker. It's not difficult to figure out how many words a page contains with the aid of the right words to page converter tool.

Students in the past had no choice but to go for the general rules that indicated that a page would have 250 to 500 characters. The drawback to this general rule is that it has not been able to provide an accurate estimation.

The good news is that we have a resource accessible today that will help you calculate the number of words on a page. Unlike the general estimation, you'll get a more precise calculation from the calculator.

Writing a document and testing the number of pages will prove a daunting task. You won't have to worry about that anymore with this word count to pages tool. You can be ensured of the following things when you choose to use the product from our site:

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Precise results
  • Simple to use tool
  • Absolute anonymity


The following figures are provided by our calculator considering font as Times New Roman, font size 12, and line spacing 1.5.

How many pages do 400 words amount to?

400 words amount to 1 page approximately.

How many pages are 1000 words?

1000 words are 2.8 pages approximately.

How many pages do 1500 words contribute to?

1500 words are approximately 3.5 pages.

How many words does 1 page contain?

One page comprises about 400 words.

How many words are in 2 pages?

There are about 900 words in 2 pages.

How many words in 3 pages?

Three pages contain about 1300 words.