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Octal to Decimal

What’s Octal Number System?

Octal is another type of number system like the binary and decimal number system. As the name suggests, the basis of this number system is 8, i.e. 8 digits can be used in this number system 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. The concept of the octal number system came from the Native Americans as they used to count numbers not with their fingers but with their finger space, i.e. 8. The octal number system became quite popular in the 90s, but in the modern era it has been replaced by the binary number system due to its reliability although this number system is still used in certain specific applications.

Octal to Decimal Conversion

You can convert any octal number to decimal number. The method is very similar to the conversion of any binary number to decimal number, the only difference is that in this case the 2s will be replaced by 8, and all the other methods will remain the same. So it's quite clear that if we want to change any octal number into a decimal number, we need to start multiplying the number digits from the right side with 8 staring from 0 and finally summing up all the results.

How to convert octal to decimal?

To convert an octal number (base-8) to the decimal (base-10) number system, we need to add the base-10 value of each digit by using the octal place value.

Every time you move a place to the left, the value increases eight times in the octal place value system.

In octal, numbers range from zero to seven; numbers 8 and 9 are not permitted!

Let’s understand it with an example:

Convert 364 to decimal

= 3 x 82 + 6 x 81 + 4 x 80

= 3 x 64 + 6 x 8 + 4 x 1

= 192+ 48 + 4

Decimal Number 244 = Octal Number 364

Octal to decimal converter is used to convert octal to decimal without using manual methods. Octal to dec converter can effectively convert any octal value to decimal with one click. Additionally, our octal to decimal converter provides decimal result with visual calculation. Moreover, it shows hex result for the same octal number that you converted to decimal.

Uses of decimal number

Every day we use decimals when it comes to money, weight, length, etc. Decimal numbers are used in situations where greater precision is needed than can be provided by the whole numbers. For instance, when we calculate our weight on the weighing machine, the weight on the scale is not always equal to a whole number. We need to understand what the decimal value on the scale means in order to know our exact weight.

  • When dealing with money, dealing with decimal numbers is inevitable. We convert paisa to rupee in many situations.
  • When dealing with weight, we use decimal numbers. For example, it can't always weigh in full numbers when we buy a watermelon, it can be less than 2 kg but more than 1 kg. In such situations, based on its weight, the shopkeeper must calculate how much to charge for a watermelon.

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