Ping Your Domain Arround the World

To use prepostseo Ping Your Domain Arround the World Checker, Paste Domain name (exmple.com) or IP Address in the input box given below and click on ping now Button.

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Ping Your Domain Arround the World

Ping is a basic internet program used to send ICMP (Internet Protocol Message Protocol) packets to the particular IP address in order to see that Address exists, if yes then how fast is it. Ping works by sending an ICMP data packets or requests to a specified interface on the network and waiting for a reply. Ping it important when it comes to checking latency of website. It means how long a packet takes to go on destination and then return back to you.
Ping latency refers to, how fast a connection is?
It is mostly used to test connectivity and response time.

What is Purpose of Ping domain from multiple Locations?

It helps to check what IP Addresses are online and what latency rate of them are. If you have changed Domain Name Servers of the domain, then this tool is very helpful to let you know where the records are updated and where not. It will provide information against multiple locations in the entire world. When you change domain name servers it takes up to 72 hours to update Name Server all over the world. This tool is really helpful to check it.

This tool can also determine problems if any server is offline and against it, it will show packet loss rate is 100%.

How to use it?

It is very easy to use this tool, here is simple guide

  • Enter domain name or IP Address
  • Press Enter

This tool will process your request and start sending pings immediately. It will display a table where you will see List of IP’s that are pinged on different locations of the world.

Our excellent tool shows location name, IP Address, Min-Max RTT and Packet loss ratio. RTT is a short form of round trip time. It refers to the time taken from source to destination and then backing time. In other words it shows the latency rate. Here you can see Minimum, Maximum and Average Round Trip Time.

There is no need to sign up or registration. PrePostSEO providing this tool 100% Free. It is developed for both webmasters and users to check website status whether it is online or not and what latency rate is.

What is IP GeoLocation?

Mapping any IP Address to Geographic location of the internet from connected computer of the device is called GeoLocation. This technique helps to get location information such as country, region, City etc. 

Tip: Check your ip GeoLocation using our what is my ip address tool.

It helps to identify, where you visitors are coming from. It is very nice to find accurate location of the visitor in sense of understanding their quires. 

How is it Helpful Tool?

There are many cases when you need to find location against any IP Address. For Example, your website is under attack and you know which IP is attacking, you can check location from where the attacker is online. When you know the location of the attacker, you can ban his location and he cannot send any DDOS attack anymore to the website.

This tool is very helpful for bloggers and website owners to know which kind of traffic comes at their websites or blogs.

Most of the online tools just provide locations against single IP Address. PrePostSEO is providing a special tool which allows multiple IP Addresses. Here you can write multiple Addresses at once and check locations of them at a time.

What is IP Address?

IP stands for Internet Protocol - IP Address is a unique string of numbers separated by full stops assigned to each device that is connected to the internet to communicate online. It is similar to postal Address. IP Address of any device indicates where it is located. It uniquely identifies the entity.

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