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To use prepostseo CSS Minifier, Paste CSS in the text box given below and click on Minify CSS Button.


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Online CSS Minifier

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are normally used by the developers to display HTML elements. It’s the display pattern that helps developers to precisely manage the layout of their site. Conventional CSS have thousands of elements per page. In result to it, the overall page size increases and the site takes more time to load. Your site needs to work perfectly, and it can only be possible if you will remove unused elements including white spaces and new line characters etc.

Minify CSS File; A Perfect Way to Go

Yes, now there is no need to be worried about. Our Minify CSS tool is helpful in reducing the size of your CSS without making any impact on the quality of your site. CSS performance is a critical factor for your website overall growth. Eliminating the spaces can really enhance the growth of your site. Prepostseo has designed a great tool for web developers to streamline their CSS files by minimizing its size, and make their site more responsive. Here are the major benefits of our CSS minifier tool.

  1. Simple & Easy to Understand: Our Minify CSS tool is so easy to understand. The whole process of converting a huge size CSS file into a smaller one is so simple.
  2. Remove Unnecessary Elements: CSS compressor tool removes any kind of unnecessary characters like white spaces elements and newline characters.
  3. Save Time: Well, it’s always precious to save time when you are an IT professional. Minifying CSS file through our tool can save your valuable time.
  4. Improve Site Speed: Site speed is an important factor when it comes to organic search results. compress CSS tool not only reduce the size of the CSS file but as well as it increases the site’s overall speed.
  5. Detail Input/ Output Info: Our CSS Minify tool provide complete precise detail of the input and output in Bytes. It identifies the space you save by minimizing your CSS file. By using it you can save a handsome percentage of space of CSS.
  6. Multiple User’s Options: The tool is developed in accordance with the needs of users. You can download the mini version of CSS file or select copy to clipboard option to paste the file in your selected place.

How to Use Minify CSS Tool

You only have to follow a simple process to get the minified size of your CSS file. Just copy the CSS file of your website, and paste into the section. Click on the Minify CSS option below the section. You will instantly get new CSS file that will not include any white spaces and line characters. Now it’s an overall practice used by the developers to minimize the overall CSS size and increasing the speed of their site. We assure the complete safety and user’s reliability while minimizing the size of CSS. Minimizing the CSS file is now easier than ever before.

Mini CSS: A Comfort Zone for Developers

Minifying CSS means complete peace of mind while you perform development responsibilities. Fitting a minified CSS file during the production is the best way to go. It will surely help to increase site speed in long run and turn more organic traffic. If you own a website, and not getting out the desired benefits due to the reason that your site is still carrying the conventional CSS then you have to must use Online CSS Minifier tool to insert a new CSS. As the tool is free of cost, so you can perform the whole process again and again till you become fully satisfied. The whole process of converting CSS will take less than 1 minutes. So, go ahead.