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Don’t wait for the search engines to recognize the changes in your website. You must ping your pages ASAP. Why you should ping your urls

  • To index your new content asap, before someone else grab that content and use it in any other website.
  • Fresh content improves your ranking in the search engines, so why wait.
  • This tool can send 650 (10x65) ping requests at one time hence a lot of your time saved.

How to use this Tool:

This Amazing online ping website tool allows you to ping multiple websites. Enter up to 10 urls in the input box and select the best category according to your urls. After it’s done, Just click on “Ping Now” Button and let this tool handle the rest of your work.

How Online Ping Tool Works:

This tool will fetch urls one by one and then ping those links to the 65+ search engines. Title of the url is used as the name of the pinged url.