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Prepostseo ping website tool is widly used by webmaster to submit site to search engines. Pinging your websites URLs to the search engine is very important in many cases. It Helps you submit site to google quickly. Google or any other search engine won’t be able to know itself about the changes or updates, you have made to your website. So this step is very important. This not only goes for the alteration but as well as, a new URL or web page can also be pinged for the Google to update the database. Search engines normally take the time to recognize and index your data without pinging. For example, You have written an article and updated it in your link but didn’t pinged it to google. Now, what can happen? It can be stolen by someone else before Google even reach to it and he or she can post it as their own unique content and index it from google. Now where this leads you? Well, your content will be treated as plagiarized if you try to ping it later. So ping your content or new URLs because it’s extremely important.

Don’t wait for the search engines to recognize the changes in your website. You must ping online webpages to google, Bing and Yahoo ASAP. Reasons why you should ping urls quickly

  • To index your new content asap, before someone else grab that content and use it in any other website.
  • Fresh content improves your ranking in the search engines, so why wait.
  • This tool can send 650 (10x65) ping url requests at one time hence a lot of your time saved.

How to use this Tool:

Out tool is facilitating you widely in this matter. You can simply visit Prepostseo and find this under the option of tools. Simply copy/paste the URLs and press the button ping website to get them instantaneously pinged. This tool can send requests up to the number 650 (65*10) at one time. The use of this tool is very easy and hence it ends up saving you a lot of time. Plus you can paste up to 10 URLs at a single time.

How Online Ping Tool Works:

This tool will fetch urls one by one and then ping those links to the 65+ search engines. Title of the url is used as the name of the pinged url.

Ping backlinks: How it helps in Google Ranking?

If you got a quality backlink from a high authority website, first thing that must be done is to submit that webpage to search engines. Pinging backlinks also become important when a specific webpage is not being crawled by Google, Bing and Yahoo.

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5 Stars - by , June 22, 2018
this site give best ping service for my bulk sms service website

5 Stars - by , June 22, 2018
Excellent and very useful. thanks for your great tools.

5 Stars - by , May 27, 2018
Wonderful tool.

5 Stars - by , May 23, 2018
Awesome ping tool I like this.
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