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Set color levels (0-255) for red, green, and blue

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Convert RGB to HEX Color

When specifying a color in HTML/CSS code RGB to Hex converter tool helps to convert values in the hexadecimal string. Normally the tool takes input values in Red, Green and Blue colors ranging from 0 to 255, and then converting the values into a hexadecimal string. Most of the photo editing software normally use RBG formation. So, if you have to add same background image in your HTML, then you have to convert RGB to HEX color for the hexadecimal representation of the RGB values. Without getting a HEX code you can’t insert an image properly during the development.

Why Choose Our Tool

  • Immediately convert RGB values into HEX Decimals
  • Let users to directly convert values from their website
  • Real-time functionality for converting codes
  • Color Preview Display, so that you can confirm colour code is right
  • User friendly and time-saving tool

What is RGB?

RGB refers to the system of color combination used on a computer display. In a visible spectrum, these colors work collectively to obtain any color invisible spectrum. Each level is signified by the series of decimal figures from 0 to 255 (separate levels for each color), equal to the variety of binary figures. When you use an RGB TO HEX converter tool, you can get a precise code for every RGB input conversion of HEX values. Any color of the image you made is always composed of of RED, Green and Blue colors.

What is HEX?

Normally the HEX values are shown into six numerical codes when adding a new image into your CSS/HTML code. In webpage designing, hexadecimal code is used for giving specific colors to a web page. Through a hexadecimal code, developers can give a precise same color scheme to their webpage that is shown in RGB format.

Which Code is good to Use?

Well, both the codes have their own benefits. RGB is a clear-cut way to determine the color level and style you generally see on TV or the internet. You have to keep in mind that you can’t directly use RGB color code in web or page development. The conversion of the HEX code is essential to make exact changes in the image of your webpage. You can only get the desired color through development if you first get the HEX code, and then implement it in your HTML/CSS.

Both Codes Have Their Own Significance & Usability Levels!

On the contrary, the RGB color model is mostly used to signify display visuals in electronic schemes such as TVs, LEDs etc. The hex code is more often incorporated to specify colors in HTML and CSS mode to make changes in the color scheme of web pages. So, both have their own significance and implementation outcomes.

What Developer Prefers?

Obviously, developers prefer to use HEX codes. It’s because using RGB values can make the development process more complicated and less effective. Until unless you don’t get the perfect converted code of an RBG color, you can’t completely change the color of your webpage, web article or blog.

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