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Image to Text Converter

Image OCR tool allows you to extract text from image i-e: PNG, TIFF, GIF, JPEG, BMP & JPG to Text. It analyzes the text in images that you upload, and converts into text that you can easily read, save or share.

Next Features comming:

  • PNG to Text: Convert png to editable word online 100% free
  • JPG to Text: jpg to word converter online & free editable
  • Scanned pdf to word: convert scanned pdf to editable word online free large files

How to use it?

It is a free online service that converts images into editable text format. Just upload an image file or copy paste URL and our amazing tool will convert image to text and results will appear in real-time. You can extract the text from image or any scanned document in a few seconds. Later, the extracted text can be edited, copied, pasted, and indexed.

Extract Text from Books and Notes

Our picture to text can be used to extract editable text from scanned books and notes. Most of the readers like to read books and articles online in the digital era. It becomes a puzzle when a reader wants to save excerpt from scanned notes in form of editable text for the citation or the reference purpose. Retyping is not a real solution because it's a time taking activity. That’s why it is not considered a suitable and professional activity to follow in various organizations, schools, and offices. Students cannot retype 5 pages of assignment from images when they are already running out of time.

Image to text converter comes to help in these situations and save valuable time of its users. It works efficiently to convert images into plain editable text in a blink of an eye.

English Language Support

Did you ever wish to find a tool that can convert images into English language? Yes!

We have fulfilled your long awaited wish. Introducing fast an easy images to text converter that is capable to modify scanned documents and pictures into English. Another good news is, this feature is absolutely free and allows you to save your money and valuable time.

Online image to text tool guarantees extraordinary precision in the text identification of a certain layout in English documents. It supports English of multiple English countries and offers the best quality in extracting spellings and sentence structure from scanned papers and photos.

Free of cost

Image OCR is a costly tool but we offer free service and charges nothing. You do not need to worry about the registration process as well. We are ready to take care of all the complications that can come up while generating text. Rest assured, you will only experience reliable results free of cost. Do not wait…!


We value our users and their trust on us. Therefore, we provide unlimited features in free version of our photo to text and do not charge even a single penny. Following are the features that you can enjoy for a lifetime without any registration or login headache.

1. Unlimited uploads

Worried about upload limitations? You do not need to. You can upload scanned notes, books, images and photos as much as you want. Our free software will provide accurate result every time without asking you many or any alternative step to continue.

2. No registration required

Yes, you heard it right! To use it first time or to continue for unlimited usage, no registration is required. Now you can get the results of converted images directly without signup or registration process.

3. Keeps your data safe and secure

You are safe and secure with us. We always aim and promise to keep your data safe and secure. We adhere by our policy that we will neither pass your data to any third party nor it will be stored in our data base.

4. Privacy remains priority

We value our users and remain their privacy our priority. We have advanced technology that removes your data as soon as you finish your task. All files are removed from the server and do not record any activity.

5. Different fonts support

You never know in which style and fonts the scanned documents have been written. Well, our tool knows it. Reading and understanding fonts can be a tough job for a human but not in a case of advanced artificial intelligence. You are open to upload images with different fonts and our converter will extract the same text embedded in the photo. If you want to read a specific part of the image you can use crop image tool and then process using our photo to text converter.

6. Mathematical equations recognition

Not only different fonts, this tool is enable to recognize complex mathematical equations too. If you want to convert a mathematical or scientific scanned documents, you are at right place.

7. Download as file

Data can be misplaced or loss if not copied properly. Instead of copy and paste, you can directly download converted text as a file. This feature saves time and save your important data in your computer.

8. Copy to Clipboard

If you want to keep results as a temporary data or do not want to download file, copy to clipboard is a quick option to utilize the provided results. You can copy it to clipboard and can paste it in desired file or directory later.

9. Supports poorly scanned and photographed pages

Our in-depth image OCR tool can scan blur photos and images as well. Its advanced technology can read and recognize poorly scanned pages. Text will be extracted in real-time with near to accuracy and error free result.

10. Supports low-resolution images

Pictures of notes, book pages and documents taken from a low resolution camera can make words disappear for a human eye. Retyping not only will be a hard work but chances of wrong spellings will be higher. On the other hand, OCR can read faded fonts and generate result in accordance.

11. Mobile Images Supported Converter

Many users operate task on mobile phones and want to get result on spot rather than going back home and download results on desktops. We have developed image to text converter in a way so you can use it on a mobile and can fetch pictures from your phone "Gallery". You can choose picture from the preferred folder and can upload it on our tool. Rest will be handled by our tool.

Why Prepostseo Image to Text Converter?

When there are number of similar tools on the internet, this is a question that can pop-up in your mind “Why this tool?”

Here are the best reasons that make our tool unique:

  • Convert images, scanned documents and photos to editable text
  • No registration or personal data required
  • No installation required
  • 100% free of charge
  • Exact image to text conversion
  • Save your time and money
  • Save you from retyping

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