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GST calculator

You have purchased a coffee bottle and it has a core cost of 200. This would not be the total price of the product as it does not include GST. The GST is applied at the rate of 20%. Thus, the total price would be given as.

GST = 20/100(200)

GST = 40.

Total Price =240

As a consumer, the price of the coffee bottle would be 240. GST is applied on the consumer and added to the actual cost. This inclusion is shown on the product cover and you can easily view it. However, the sales tax is a different tax in many regions. 

State of the art GST calculator

How can you check the GST amount on a certain product? If you go for the conventional way, it requires writing the formula on a piece of paper, using the product price as an input and then completing the calculation tasks. This is not as simple as it seems. If you are not exceptional at using tables, the worst blunders can be made during the process. Using this quality calculator would not only save time for you but assist you in getting correct GST values.

Here are the steps of using this high standard calculator.

  • Enter the net price

To calculate the GST using this commendable tool, you need to enter two inputs. Make sure that none of them have any errors. The first input is the product net price. This figure shows the cost of the product without inclusion of GST. The total cost of the product paid by the consumer is the sum of GST and net price. Consider that you are procuring a product with net price of 400. Enter this figure in the text box for “net price” and proceed.

  • Mention the GST percentage

At what rate is the GST being applied. This is the second input which you have to enter. GST percentages vary on the basis of country and product type. Thus, you need to enter the correct percentage as this is not a flat figure which remains unchanged. After entering both the inputs, simply click the “calculate” button.  Consider that the GST percentage for this example is 20%.

  • Checking the results

The inputs mentioned above are as follows.

  1. Product price is 400
  2. GST percentage is 20%. (Check the percentage calculator)

When you enter these values in their respective text boxes, this high quality calculator would produce the outputs given below.

  1. Gross price is 480
  2. Tax amount is 80

What is GST?

We buy several products for out daily consumption but only on a few of us know that the price we pay is not the cost of the product only. The government of every country applies its GST (General Sales Tax) rates on each product category. These rates vary and depend on the regulations of the country. For instance, the GST calculator India would calculate values according to the percentage applied in that country. If you are living in Australia, the GST calculator Australia would be the appropriate tool for you. Similarly, the GST calculator Canada would come into play if you reside there.

How to calculate GST?

Suppose that a pack of biscuits in India has a net price of 50. The net price is the cost without inclusion of GST. Consider that the GST rate is 10%. Hence, we have the following values.

  • Net price = 50
  • GST percentage on biscuits = 10%

Thus GST value will be 10/100(50)

GST = 0.1 (50)

GST = 5

In addition to that. Gross Price is the sum of net price and GST. It will be given as

Gross Price = 50 + 5

Gross Price = 55

If you want to avoid all this hassle and save your time while calculating the GST value, using this gst tax calculator is the best way.

GST calculation in Australia

It is important to understand the tax regulations of the country you are living in. In Australia, there is a minimum business value limit beyond which GST is applied.

  • You need to check the net worth of your business. If it is beyond $75000, GST conditions would apply on your business. In other words, you would be responsible to collect it from your buyers. It is better to use this Australian GST calculator instead of drilling down into tax percentages and formulae. All these activities would be a waste of time. Accuracy is an important parameter because you would be paying your hard earned money. Thus, using a proper calculator is a safer option than calculating values through manual procedures. Lastly, using a quality GST Australia calculator means saving a lot of time.

Using the GST calculator in India

In India, there are individual GST rates for each product category. If you are buying soaps, the tax would be applied at the rate of 18%. Similarly, buying washing detergents means paying sales tax at the rate of 28%.

  • Product managers and analysts in India have to keep a check on how the pricing flow behaves. They need to determine the gross price and net price from time to time. It helps them in gauging the profitability prediction. As they don’t have the time to setup installation environments, using the gst calculator online works perfectly for them. It gives them the room to perform accurate calculations using their smartphones and tablets while being on market visits.  This is much easier than carrying a writing book and calculating GST manually while being on the move.