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Search Engines have adopted the mode of crawling within website pages and collect information. This information plays certainly a heavy duty role as far as standing of anyone’s website is concerned. So, whatever these crawlers or spiders (You can name these whatever you like, these won’t bite you.) collect the information, is crucial and every SEO official gives head into it. They exactly know how intense sensitivity of this information contains. So, what is the information Spiders collect?

  1. URL
  2. Meta tags
  3. Header Section
  4. Text, tags and attributes
  5. Inbound and Outbound Links
  6. Few more things

All of these are important for On Page SEO factors which play role in ranking.

Benchmark of Spider Simulator Tool:

So, here comes our "Spider Simulator" tool in action. Use our tool and watch the exact results that a spider looks for. Our tool is just like an Eye of a real spider/crawler of a Search Engine. This enables everyone to have a detailed results that are going to be checked by actual spiders, so you can fix the issues upfront if any.


You know we always build extremely user friendly tools and so is the case with "Spider Simulator". It’s extremely handy and easy to use. Just enter the full address of a website or any page that you want to view as a Spider, right inside the box above and click on "Check" button and there you go. You get all the results promptly. View them and take actions accordingly. Happy!

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