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Domain ip lookup tool

In search engine optimization, the competition is fierce. It is intimidating at times but don’t you worry. With the help of right SEO tools and in-depth guides, you can make it work. In fact, you can make it a hit. Terms like domain and IP is something you come across on a daily basis. But the threat that these arenas of SEO possess is more real than most people imagine.

Multiple URLs:You can paste up to 10 webpage URLs at once to check Domain ip addresses.

Realtime Results:Domain ip lookup tool check hostname of multiple websites in realtime.

website ip lookup:You can do unlmited domain to ip conversion using our free domain ip finder tool.

What is domain and IP?

Like every person has a name, every website is has a name too. In the technical world, the name is called IP i.e. Internet Protocol. Your website’s IP is a bunch of numbers separated by a few full stops. It is how worldwide webs started operating. However, if people had to remember a set of numbers like a mobile phone number for every website they want to access, it would have been a disaster. It is not that human brain that can contain all this information. This is when computer experts came up with domain. A domain is an alphabetical, symbolist and numerical name associated with your website. So when you search for the seo company moz and www.moz.com opens up, it is moz.com that is the website’s domain.

What is a domain IP lookup tool and why is it important?

A domain can only be used to open the website. It does not tell you where the website is from and who is operating it. Behind every website is a server associated. It is the IP address that can link you to that server. To do that, a domain IP lookup tool can come in handy. Website ip lookup tool can be used to find IP addresses of websites when you only have their domain. The IP address can be used to track down the geographical location of the website operator. This geographical location is used when there is a threat of a website conducting spam activity on your website or a potential client you need the location for.

Usage of website IP lookup tool.

If you are running websites then you must have experience in shifting your hosting company. Because more powerful servers needed if the website is growing. Once you shift your website to the new server, then to make yourself confirmed that website is hosted on a new server you need a host to IP checker tool. Using this tool you can check IP address of the website.

This tool is also used if you want to check where a specific website is hosted. You cannot guess the hosting company until you find domain IP address of that website. To check website IP address you need online URL to IP address checker tool. Mostly these tools are free of cost but some companies have paid services, of course, those companies will provide you with most data about websites.

How to use prepostseo URL to IP address converter tool

Just like other SEO tools we have developed this domain IP finder very easy to use. You can check up to 10 URLs at once using our tool. All you have to do is just copy and paste a list of the URLs that you want to check and click on the submit button. Our checker will get site IP address of each URL one by one.

This is also a DNS IP address checker.

DNS stands for domain name server. Every website is pointed to a hosting company using these Name servers address. Most of the time webmasters created name servers with ns1 and ns2. For example, DNS of a website seotools.com could be ns1.seotools.com and ns2.seotools.com. But it is not important that you create DNS like ns1, ns2, ns3, etc. it could be any name.

The Domain Name System (DNS) is the database of the Internet. Internet users access information through website names, like cnn.com or moz.com. Web browsers access through Internet Protocol. DNS converts domain names to IP addresses so browsers can connect to the servers where files are hosted.

Each domain has a specific Internet Protocol address (like You can also say that DNS is the communication software between you and the website servers.

When we check the whois of a specific domain that not provide us the ip info of that website. It only shows us the DNS to which that website is pointed. Using our tool you can check DNS IP address by just pasting those DNS addresses.

check any type of TLD

You can check any type of top-level domain. A TLD is the last segment of a domain name followed by the last dot. Most common TLDs are .com, .net, .org, .edu and .gov. But there are hundreds of TLDs available like .club, .education, .tools, .info, etc.

Is this tool Safe?

Yes, this is 100% safe and secure tool. We do not store any of your data also we do not share your data publically. Get site ip address from URL using our tool and we have placed no limits on our tool.

Widget Development: Currently we have not developed widget for this tool but we will develop widget for this tool and it will be free for all users.

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