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What is the Summarizer Tool?

The Summary Generator by Prepostseo helps you instantly summarize any text, paragraph, or long article around the important points with just one click.

How to use Prepostseo Text Summarizer?

You can use Text Summarizer by following the steps below:

  1. Type, paste, or upload the text you want to summarize in the input box provided.
  2. Select "Simple Summarizer" or "AI Summarizer" mode.
  3. Adjust the summary percentage from 20% to 75%.
  4. After that, just click on the "Summarize" button and our text summarizer will start summarizing your text.
  5. Our summarizing tool will provide results in the output box and you can also copy or download it. 

Key Features of Summary Generator by Prepostseo 

Here are some prominent features of our AI summary generator tool

  • Advanced AI Technology

The Text Summarizer of Prepostseo uses advanced AI technology to accurately understand all the keywords and generate a concise summary around them.

  • High-Quality Summaries

All the summaries generated by our summarizing tool are plagiarism-free. Furthermore, the tool gives coherent, clear, and grammatically perfect summaries.

  • Multiple Modes

The Summary Generator by Prepostseo offers multiple summarization modes that are “Summarizer” and “AI Summarizer”. Both modes generate different summaries.

  • Set Summary Length

Another useful feature of our tool is the option to customize summary length. You can adjust length either by using the length slide (in percentage) or by setting the number of words.

  • Show Bullets

Prepostseo’s summary generator provides a feature to generate summaries in the form of bullet points with separated sentences. You can enable this feature by ticking the “Show Bullets” icon.

  • Show Top Sentences

It is one of the unique features of our text summarize tool that you can enable by clicking the “Show Sentence”. Enabling this feature will show you the top sentences in a number list.

How Does the AI Summarizer Tool Work?

The working mechanism of our text summarizer tool uses AI and NLP-based algorithms. When content is passed through a summary generator, it understands the actual context and key points.

After that, our summarization tool uses vast datasets and NLP technology to write a unique summary around the main points only.

Note: During the summarization process the AI summarizer tool does not make any change in the actual meaning of the input.

Who Can Use Prepostseo Text Summarizer?

The uses of this text summarizer are not specific but still here are some of the common users of the AI summary generator:

  • Students: This tool can help students to automatically create excellent summaries of their academic work including thesis, essays, etc.

  • Teachers: Our summarizer tool is a helpful solution for teachers to pick information for educational materials such as lesson plans, presentations, notes, etc.

  • Researchers: They can also find our AI summary generator useful to summarize or shorten their complex topics and make them simple to understand.

  • Journalists: Through this summarizer, journalists can easily generate the summarized text of news articles, and event details to submit for publication.

  • Copywriters: The AI summary generator is a helpful solution for copywriters. They can use it to make their copies concise and coherent to read.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to make a summary from text?

The effective way to make a summary from text is by passing it through the online summarizer. It will precisely pick all the important points and generate a unique summary from your text.