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Online Plagiarism Checker

PrePost Online Plagiarism Checker is widely used to check the originality of content. You can Detect Plagiarism by just copy pasting the content or by uploading files. Using Plagiarism Detector is essential for protecting your content as duplicate Content is not acceptable by the Google. Plagiarized content can harm your website and down your ranking in search engines.

Generate Reports: Generate reposts at and share it with your colleagues.

Upload Files: Check Plagiarism by directly uploading .DOC / .TXT / DOCX / .PDF files.

100% Safe & Secure: Any article you check at is 100% Safe & Secure. we do not save your content.

Keywords Density: Check keywords density in your content, by one word, two words and three words.

Grammar Checker: Check spell mistakes and also errors in your writing styles and in your grammar.

Compare Text: Compare full text with any matched sources. You can also compare each sentence separately.

100% Free Tool We were planning to make this Tool totally free and now we made it! You can check plagiarism free with unlimited searches.

The only limit is on total number of words per search. For free users, this limit is 1,000 words and it could be increased to 5,000 words with any premium plan. If you are not sure how much words your documents have, you can use prepostseo word count tool to calculate total number of words and characters.

How to check for plagiarism

No rocket science involved to check papers for plagiarism free, all you have to do is paste your content that you want to check for plagiarism and click on the submit button. Now let our online scan tool handle rest of the things.

Understand the results:

When you will paste your content into the input box, our tool will parse your full article into small sentences of 7-10 words. After sentences parsed it will start checking plagiarism for every sentence and will display results real time in front of you. We try to provide you best anti-plagiarism report for your content.

We respect our users, Any article you check at is 100% Safe & Secure. we do not share any of your content publicly. Also, we do not save your content in our database.

How plagiarism is being Checked

The text you enter is scanned sentence by sentence on the search engines. There will be two type of results.

  1. If the sentence that is checked already exists on the internet, a red alert will appear and content will be labeled as plagiarized.
  2. And if your content is unique, a green alert will appear against that sentence. After a full scan, an overall result will show that how much unique is that article.
  3. Keywords Density: Calculate the keywords density of your content and give results for One word, Two words, and Three words keyword density. Check Prepostseo separate keyword density checker tool.

What is Plagiarism?

It is defined as "The process of copying the data from the internet or getting someone’s idea and then sharing it as your own data is called plagiarism."

This is highly undesirable practice and is considered as fraud as it involves immoral activities of stealing the data or idea and then lying about it. Because of this cheating activity, many software has been launched which are used to detect for plagiarism. The main purpose of using this software is to scans the instances of the copied data. The online duplicate content checker not only checks the stolen instances of data but it also tells the sources of that stolen data.

Prepost SEO copy pasted content checker is specially designed for students, writers, teacher and webmasters to check papers, assignments, essays, thesis, and articles. It is best online text checker for students and webmasters and for educational institutes. With our anti-plagiarism software, you can generate online reports and share it (All reports are 100% secure, only you can view those reports). Universities and colleges named our Tool as "Best free plagiarism checker online".

PrepostSEO developed this online detector for writers to find originality their article to avoid their content to be plagiarized. To make this online copy checker fast, we tried every method to improve the user experience. This Online Software not only scans plagiarized content percentage but it also shows you the grammar and spells mistakes in your essay, article or assignment. If you want to compare two documents for plagiarism you can use plagiarism comparison tool.

How to avoid Plagiarism?

If you are a student, writer or an author of a magazine you will definitely like to submit 100% Unique Articles. Some plagiarism tools check your content once and display you the overall result for your assignment or whatever you submitted to check plagiarism. But PrepostSEO online plagiarism checker free to use and it check your essay sentence wise and go through each and every word. For Images, use reverse image search tool to check copied pictures and add proper sources to prevent image plagiarism.

If you want to avoid plagiarism for content, then there are a lot of ways by which you can make your content 100% unique and usable. Secondly do not try to re-write content by using online re-writers because those tools might help you to give you a Original content but they ruined content grammar, spell and writing style.

What are other parameters shown?

When you start using plagiarism checker online then you also have to check other things about the content that you are going to submit. So why also display content status, keywords density and other useful information that can help you to improve your content. Our tool also check grammar mistakes in your content. You can also use our grammar checker tool separately.

Types of Plagiarism Scanners

This software usually contains a box where you can copy paste the lines or paragraphs which you want to check for plagiarism. All the plagiarized lines and paragraphs will be underlined in red color and the percentage of underlined data will also be shown. It is used by students to check the papers or assignments and make it original by deleting all the plagiarized phrases. Similarly, teachers also use diff checker to compare text of the papers and assignments. SEO specialists are using this tool to check their hired freelancers as they need 100% unique content from them. Publishing the duplicated data is a big crime and in order to minimize this risk, almost each and every website uses this tool before publishing the content.

When the process of searching your content from search engines finished you can also generate reports to share it with your teacher, author or with your writer.

Check plagerism for each article you post

Some bloggers think that we can rank in google search engine with the mixture of plagerized content and unique content. That’s not possible. According to new algorithms, Google treats each web page differently. It means the page having quality content will be rank and the content that is not passed with plagerism checker will not rank in the search results. Is it tough for you to create unique content for your blog/website? you can use article rewriter or paraphrasing tool to generate new articles quickly.

What Is Coming Next?

Also we are developing a separate Tool that will help universities and collages to embed this online software to their student’s portals or on their educational websites.

If you have any suggestions regarding our plagiarism checking tool, you are welcome to contact us.

Other Languages: English, Español, Deutsche, Français, Português, Nederlands, Polskie, čeština, svenska

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Feedback from our users

Prepostseo has 90,000+ happy clients including Webmasters, College Students, University Teachers and Content Writers around the globe. Positive feedbacks from previous customers are enough proof that we have the most accurate Tools.

Well a lot of online free plagiarism checkers are available but no one was proving the reports. Those who provide were very poor or un-trustable. As a writer I have to show my clients that content is 100% unique. Prepostseo is the perfect plagiarism report generator I found over the internet. Most of all my content is 100% secure.

~ Hira ~
Writer, freelancer

PPS plagarism checker is best and easiest plagiarism scanner available. I have to check my papers on regular basis because plagiarized assignments are not acceptable. Thanks for your great effort to make this tool free for normal users.
it's the best online Tool i have ever used. Very fast and accurate.

~ Asad Ahsan ~
CEO, xclicx

I was always worried about posting articles to my blog because I was unable to find a premium quality plagiarism analyzer. But I am thankful to the whole team of prepostseo who made this awesome tool.

i think this is the only single tool available on internet that check content deeply.

~ Muddsar Sardar ~
Manager, KRT Solutions

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5 Stars - by , April 18, 2019
Muy útil a la hora de realizar una consulta de plagio rápido usando el plugin para Chrome.

5 Stars - by , April 10, 2019
This web app is incredibly useful and work flawlessly. I was a bit suspicious at the very beginning as I had tried as few different ones and did not yield any good results. So I tried to post a few articles already written and published by us.....boom, immediately the paragraphs were picked, signaled in red and the URL's were provided. Then on my next test I uploaded a text document for an article I was currently writing and ... this time, as expected from a brand new article ... all was green. Definitely worth your time and money if you go for the premium version. Ultimately does what it says is capable of.

5 Stars - by , March 09, 2019
I found this tool to be a very useful and reliable one. Very simple and easy.

5 Stars - by , March 09, 2019
This is the best website than other. It is best for checking plagiarism. It give the result approximately 100% accurate.
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