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SEO freaks always plan each of their activity. As each step eventually concludes our failure or success in online World. So, same mentality should be practiced towards each new post. These freaks search for best keywords that can be ranked for easily and then supply these to their writers or employees to work on these. Now there is a set limitations between Keywords and total words according to Search Engines phenomenon. But let me just tell you a little difference between keywords and words. So, basically Keywords are in fact those words (Keywords are also normal words) for which you want your whole content under discussion to rank for. All of the other supportive words like, full content of a post or page or may be article are words. So, this is the only difference which is not a big deal and complex to understand. Search Engines define a minimum and a maximum limit for your Keywords within any of your content in percentage and that is from (2~3 to 4~4.5) %. If your content respect this limit, your website get most of the weightage out of this content. So, always prepare for this big SEO factor.

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Quite often when we are finished writing some content or keep on editing the content, ratio of Keywords to the Total Words might increase or decrease. So, to look for each keyword and then count and then count the total words is really a headache and abnormal behavior. Isn’t it? To solve your problem we have a nice spear that works. Our charmingly created tool will tell you quite promptly about the ratio of the Keywords towards the Total number of Words for your supplied content. Just paste the content you want to check for and click on “Calculate Ratio” and that is all. You will get results with precision. Ratio on the left side and some instructions on the right hand side, keeping Google algorithm in mind, which really help our visitors to easily address the snags.

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5 Stars - by , April 12, 2018
Very useful tool to check total keywords in content.

5 Stars - by , March 20, 2018
Very clever tool, which checks number of keywords in content.
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