Pre and Post Money Valuation Calculator


Table of Contents

Pre and Post Money Evaluation


It is an easier way out to use an online calculation tool for pre and post money calculation but some factors make a difference. 

  • This tool is actually worth counting on. The value of investors equity is accurate for every set of inputs. The biggest concern for users is whether the calculator is producing correct results or not. There is no doubt that using a tool saves time but if there are question marks over reliability, the user can end up in a situation of inconvenience.


Getting to know the usage

A glance at the steps of usage would give you a clear idea of how simple this tool is. There is nothing lengthy or complicated involved. Here are the steps of entering the input, checking the output and analyzing a working example.

  1. What inputs do you need to enter?

There are two inputs which the user has to enter. These include the investment amount and the percentage of equity. There are proper text boxes for each of these values. No other tasks have to be completed by the user. Once you have entered these values, you can proceed with the calculation stage.

  1. Viewing the produced output

No page loading delays are tolerated by users when they use this online calculator. Once the inputs are entered, the results are shown on the same screen instantly. You do not have for the output to be uploaded in another window. In terms of time, this is a helpful feature for users. Some tools consume a lot of time to load pages and users do not opt for them. Most of these tools are not up to the mark in terms of technical development and they stop responding when the output is being processed. This calculator does not disappoint the user in any manner. There is absolutely no delay between filling the input fields and getting the results.

  1. An example to explain the working process

The working procedure of this quality pre and post money evaluation calculator can be understood by checking an example. Consider the following values.

  • Investment amount = 150000
  • Investors Equity Percentage = 20%

In accordance with the values written above, the following results for pre and post money evaluations would be produced.

  • Pre Money Evaluation = 600000
  • Post Money Evaluation = 750000