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Percent Calculator

This Percentage calculator helps to calculate percentage for different purposes using six different ways by just entering the values in the given input box or finding your percentage in seconds. This tool is easy to use, you just enter the values or get your percent values. 

Our Percent calculator helps to find percentages in every aspect of life, if you go shopping mall where you see several signs with different percentage that show a “discount” then you find percentages by using our tool and also figure out how much the rate/percentage of your sales increases or decreases and there are many other examples in other filed such as finance, physics, and mathematics in which you find percent value by this tool.

Keep reading this, in which you understand: What is the percentage and its formula or how to find the different percentages using different formulas and how to use this percent calculator or the salient feature of this online tool that makes it better than other online percent tools.

How to use our Percentage Calculator?

Our percentage calculator finds the percentages in six different ways or uses the six different sections. Follow the below instructions to use the right section according to your use.

The section What is P% of x? will be used to calculate the required percent follow the below steps.

  • Enter the percentage in the first box.
  • Write the number that needs to find the percentage.

  • Then see your percent result in front of the section.

In the section What of “x” is P%? calculate the number by percentage with the below steps.

  • Put the “x” value after the “what of” box.

  • Enter the “P%” value in the second box

  • See your result in front of the section.



  1. In section x is what P% of y? calculated the percentage of the two numbers by following the steps:

  • Write the number “x” in first box.

  • Write the number “y” after the “is what percent” box.

  • See, the answer in front of the section.

  1. In portion, y is P% of what? will find the number which percentage is given by the below steps.

  • Enter the “x” value in the first box.

  • Enter the number “Percent” in the second box.

  • View your result in front of the section.

  1. The section What is percentage change? Is used to find the percentage change value of the initial or final number by following the below step.

  • Put the initial number in the first box.

  • Put the final number value in the second box.

  • Percentage number is shown in front of the section.

  1. In the section “Fraction” find the decimal & percentage value of any fraction by the below step.

  • Write the numerator in first box.

  • Write the denominator of the fraction in the second box

  • View your result in decimals & percentages of fractions in front of the section.

What is the Percentage?

Percentage is the ratio or specific number as the fraction of 100. It is a way to show the dimensionless relationship between two numbers and it’s one of the common methods for the representation of numbers such as fractions, decimals, and ratios. 

Percentage is usually represented by the symbol “%” or always written after the number and it can be simply written as the “percent” or “pct” after the number as a text. The percentage can be found by finding the decimal value of the number and its value multiplied by 100. 

For instance, 50 out of 100 represents “50% or half”, and 25/100 is equivalent to 25% of 100 or ¼ part. Percentage helps to understand the concept of comparison and calculation which make it easier to understand the ratios and proportions.  

Percentage Formulas

Our tool uses different percent formulas to figure out the percentage and determine the results from the collective-based data.

These formulas are used for different scenarios to determine the percent value of the other terms such as: what is the percentage change?, what is the specific percent of any number, A fixed number is what percent of the highest number or many more. 

Our percent tool also solves the fraction number and finds the decimal value or calculates the percentage value of a given fraction number. Here are some formulas used for different scenarios:

  • Percentage of Number: This is the most common way to find the percentage by selecting the specific part from the whole amount and its mathematical formula can be written as:

Percentage % = (selecting value/ whole value) x 100 = (X/Y) x 100

  • Percentage Number Calculation: This is the reverse process of the percentage of the number in which find the number while its percentage value is given. Its formula can be stated as:

Number = (Percentage % /100) x whole value

  • Whole Value Calculation: To find the whole value while the percentage and the part number are given by using the below formula.

Whole value = (selecting value/ Percentage %) x 100 

  • Percentage Change Calculation: The percentage change of the number found by taking the difference of the initial value from the final value and dividing by the initial value. To find the percentage multiply the values by 100 and its formula is given as:

Percentage change = [(Vfinal - Vinitial) / Vinitial ]× 100

  • Fraction to Percentage Calculation: In this calculation first convert the fraction into the decimal value then find its percentage multiplied by 100. The fraction is represented by the numerator and denominator or its decimal value is found to divide the numerator by the denominator. Its mathematical form is written as below; 

Fraction = (numerator/denominator) = Decimal value

Percentage of Fraction = Decimal value x 100

Percentage Problems

There are many variation problems depending on the basic percentage formula by missing the one-term value and arranging the formula according to the needs.

Here we provide some sample problems with their formulas and uses for the understanding of the different patterns of the percentage. If any sample matches your problem then use our above percentage calculator.

What is P% of x?

In this scenario, we find the specific number with the specific percentage from the whole value. In simple words, say that P% is the fraction part of “x” such as 25% means that 25/100 part of x. It is mathematically represented as:

Y = P% × X

  • Where, Y is the required value, 

  • P% is the given percentage

  • X is the given value.

For example: What is 13% of 45.

Put the values in the formula.

Y = 10 % × 45 = 10 × 45/100 = 4.5

Thus, 10 % of 45 is 4.5.

What of “x” is P%?

In this terminology, we find the specific percentage value of any number with the given percentage. For instance, if “x” is 20 & “P” is 30% then “6” is the 30% of 20. It is mathematically represented as: Y = X × P%, 

Where, Y is the required value, P% is the given percentage, and X is the given value.

For example: what of 75 is 11%?

Put the values in formula:

Y = 75 × 11 % = 75 × 11/100 = 8.25

Thus, 8.25 of 75 is 11%.

x is what P% of y?

In this section, we find the percentage of the specific number from the whole number. In another way, show the percentage relation of the two numbers. Mathematically, can be stated as: P % =  (X/Y) x 100.

For example: 24 is what P% of 40?

By using a formula, we get.

P % = (X/Y) x 100 = (24/40) x 100 = 60 %

y is P% of what?

In this part, find the value of the number while its percentage is given. Mathematical form can be written as, 

X = Y/P% = (Y/P) × 100

For example: 15 is 70% of what?

X = 15/70% = (15/70) × 100 = 21.43

Thus, 15 is the 70% of 21.43.

Feature of Our Percentage Calculator 

Our percent tool has many features that make it better than other online tools. Our tool performs complex calculations of percentages easily by just entering the value in given input fields. You do not need to press any button to find the percentage. It is useful for both academic and everyday use. Here, are some outstanding features of our percent calculator:

  • User-friendly Interface: our tool has a friendly interface that makes it easy to use for every type of user such as students, educators, and shopkeepers. For this, you did’t need any specific coaching or software because it has an easy interface that can be understood easily. 

  • Accuracy and speed: our above tool provides accurate and fast results in the blink of an eye by just putting the values in the respective field. 

  • Free access: Our tool is free to use and accessible on every device easily. 

  • Fraction conversion: This is a most remarkable feature of our percent tool, it converts the fraction into decimal or also provides the percent values of any fraction.

  • Compatibility: our above tool is compatible with all types of devices (MacBook, Laptop, Tablet, iPhone, Mobile, and many others), you just have a compatible net source, and you find your percentage by putting the values with our percentage calculator.

  • Multiple Language Support: Our above tool is available in various languages for global accessibility or to make a percentage calculation easy.


What is a percentage? 

A percentage is a fraction part of 100 and is commonly used to represent the relation between two numbers. It is denoted with the symbol “%” or simply written as “perc”. For instance, if there are 100 students in a class & 25 out of them are female, then we say that the 25% in the class is female. 

How to calculate a percentage of numbers?

To calculate the percentage, you divide the fraction number to find its decimal value and then multiply the decimal value with 100. This gives the percentage of the given number. For example: percentage of 48/60, first find decimal value: 48/60 = 0.8 and 0.8 × 100 = 80%.

How to convert percent to decimal?

To convert the percent number into decimal just divide the percent value with hundred or move the decimal point “2” number from right to left if the number is given in decimal point value, to get your decimal numbers. For example: 25% = 0.25 | 75% = 0.75 | 6.8% = 0.068 | 0.63% = 0.0063

How to convert the decimal to percent?

To convert the decimal value into percent, you can multiply the decimal number with 100 or simply move the decimal point “2” numbers from left to right if the value is given in the decimal point number. For example: 0.27= 27% | 4.89 = 489% | 0.2 = 20% | 25 = 2500%

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