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ASCII to Decimal

ASCII and Decimal are two commonly used data formats.  When you talk about ASCII, it is used mainly with older computers. ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) comprises of a total of 128 symbols including 26 alphabets.  The decimal format is also called base 10 since it comprises of ten values (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9). Converting the information from ASCII to decimal format is simple if you are using a technological tool. The manual option is possible but not easy by any means. To start with, a lot of time is needed. Secondly, a person should have expert knowledge about the conversion procedure.

A tool that eliminates calculation stress

As it is mentioned above, performing the ASCII to decimal conversion is not a short simple process. To start with, you need to understand the conversion rules. This task is not easy in any manner and a lot of practice is needed. Even then, the chances of making mistakes exist. If you make a mistake while performing one of the steps, the output would be incorrect. All this hassle can be avoided if you use this tool. It is a reputed option so users do not have to double check any of the answers.

Long hours not needed

Manual calculations require a lot of time. If you have to complete more than one conversion, this is not the best alternative to consider. Students in particular have to perform these conversions while working on related assignments. Similarly, if a software programmer is developing an application and this conversion has to be used as a part of the logic, this tool would come in handy.

  • With this tool, you do not have to wait. The conversion process takes less than a minute. Hence, if you have less time on your hands and need accurate outputs, using this tool would work well for you.

Bid farewell to manual rechecking

Every manual task requires rechecking irrespective of what it is related to. If you are editing a document manually, you would recheck the content before finally submitting. Rechecking is needed so that you can be sure about all mistakes being corrected. A room for human error has to be kept if a task is being done manually.

  • Technological tools do not produce erroneous results if they meet the highest scales of reliability. This is a top notch tool so you can rely on the produced outputs. There is no need to check the results and use more time. The output produced in the decimal format can be used without any doubt.
  • If the ASCII to decimal conversion is performed manually, there is every chance of making calculation errors. Thus, comparatively, using this tool is a better and more dependable alternative.

No effort needed to use the tool

Some technological applications are not easy to adapt until you use them for a considerable span. Normally, users do not prefer such tools because they do not want to make this additional effort. In addition to that, if a tool is complex, it becomes hard to use it at a fast pace. For instance, if a ASCII to decimal converter has a difficult interface, it would not be easy to perform several conversions quickly. These issues do not exist with this ASCII to decimal converter.

  • The conversion features are very simple so users do not have learn anything. It is a simple converter and anyone can use it. It works well for students, business professionals and all other user categories.

The procedure of performing the conversion

To perform the conversion from ASCII to decimal format, you have to go through the following steps.

  • Enter the ASCII format input

The first step is entering the input in ASCII format. This input has to be entered in the first text box titled ASCII text. There are two alternatives for entering the input. You can either enter it through typing or paste the text from a source file. There is a drop down menu to select the space identifier as well. If you do not one between the generated values, select “none” from the menu. Similarly, if you want a space, select the related option.

  • How are the outputs produced?

As it is mentioned above, this is a quick tool so there is no processing time. The output in the decimal format would be produced as soon as you enter the text in the ASCII format. The third text box shows the output in the decimal format. Once the output is produced, simply copy it from the decimal text box.

No requirement of any downloads

This tool offers complete online usage due to which users do not have to download any supporting applications.  There are no installations needed as only a device with internet connectivity is needed. Considering the fact that most people access internet on their smartphones and prefer online tools, this is a very handy option to perform the ASCII to decimal conversion.

  • Using this tool is a much easier option that spending time on an offline option. To use an offline tool, you need to spend time on downloading the setup file. After that, further time has to be spent on installing it on your system, tablet or smartphone. If you have to use the tool on more than one device, the installation has to be done individually for each of them. If you sum it up, this is a tiring and cumbersome procedure.
  • This is a free online tool so no cumbersome procedures have to be completed. In addition to that, you can access it on multiple devices and perform conversions.

A free converter with limitless access

A tool that apparently seems free may have conditions applied. Users start getting familiar with these regulations when they use the tool regularly. For instance, the tool may not be free for an unlimited span of time. After using it for a week, a paid version may have to be purchased. None of these restrictions are applied when this converter has to be used.

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