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Domain Ip History Checker

Website ip history checker tool show you the complete information of webservers. This tool will show when and where you webserver changed for a specific domain name. By using it you can check when you site propagated to new hosting company.

IP History is also important to check, if you want to delete all your previous records. Because deleting record form current server will not be enough.

What is Domain IP?

Websites are hosted or stored on a computer, this computer is called web server. Web server is a computer system that uses HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) to serve files to web pages.

Domain Name of the website is a string of words and number that is associated with a specific IP Address. These IP Address that is Associated with any domain is Called Domain IP. This IP Address points out to a specific space or location (In Case Of Shared Hosting) of the web server where the website is hosted.

Domain IP can be changed when you change hosting or update your Domain Name Servers. In this case, It is necessary to check out whereas IP is changed in the world Domain Name Servers or Not. So With our DNS Propagation Tool you can find out easily where Domain IP is not updated yet.

What is Domain IP Checker Tool?

As we discuss above, Domain IP is specific Address that points to web hosting. When you update or change Hosting Server, your IP Address changed. This tool is very helpful to check previously where the website was hosted. In Simple words this tool displays all information of the domain, where previously it was attached. This Tool shows full information of web servers and displays all previous record. With this tool you can easily check the previous record of any website.

Domain IP Checker Tool is developed by PrePostSEO, it displays accurate results and shows in easy to readable (Tabular Form). PrePostSEO is developing excellent tools for visitors to provide them maximum information and automate their tasks efficiently.

How to use this tool?

This Tool is very simple, fast and provides accurate results and information. We make it very simple, here you can type domain name to find out all previous history of any domain. Here is Easy Guide to using this Tool

  1. Enter Domain Name
  2. Press Enter

It all done, now let our tool to check all history for you. It will find out all previous history of given domain and show result instantly to you in the table. Here you can see current and previous locations, their IP Addresses and Domain Registrar names too.

Why use this Tool?

Have you changed your web hosting? Do you forget your previous domain name registrar? Do you want to check the location of website and IP Address? If yes! Then you are in right place. Here you will get all these information and history against your domain name.

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