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Check Similarity between Two web pages

There are times when we need to overview two different webpages having different URLs due to some reason. Here we don’t want to see how beautifully they are designed but we want to figure out what type of meta-data as well as other content of the page, both of these have. Your purpose of reviewing or comparing two pages can be anything. Maybe you want to see the similarity of the content contained by these two pages and would like to change content of one page, or most likely you want to go to adopt same kind of meta-data like title, keywords and description for both of these.

There can be one more reason for this kind of review that one of your page is ranking better and one with almost having same content ranks lower. So here, your intentions to compare might be to figure out the cause of lower ranking of one page. Same technique you can apply for one of your competitors’ webpages and compare those with yours. Whatever the reason of comparison might be, the process is not quite simple.

For example, you would be in need to open two different windows for two different source codes and then find meta title in first page and then go to second page and search for meta title there as well and then copy paste both of meta titles to some notepad or word processor and then compare them. Even then at the notepad you don’t have the facility to compare these titles maintaining them side by side. Got my point?

Features and Usage of Similar Page Checker Tool:

Comparison would have been a nightmare for you without our Similar Page Checker tool. This tool not only searches for Meta-data and content of the pages for both of the supplied URLs but present the findings side by side putting them in columns and embossing each of the section with headings. Our tool makes the whole process of Similarity Check between different pages quite simple and fun.

Just go to our Similar webpages Checker tool and there you can see two separate boxes. Paste two different URLs in both of the fields and click “Check Similarity” and that’s it, you get all the findings with ease.