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To use this case converter online, Simply copy and paste the text into the text area below and click the required text case.

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Uppercase to lowercase converter

Prepostseo online case converter allows you to use a simple click to convert case and change case of your text from UPPERCASE to lower case, lower case to UPPERCASE, or capitalize words in phrases. If you don't know how to convert text in Word, Notepad or other word processing software, this text converter is designed for you.

Prepostseo case changer is a convenient web tool that allows any user to easily change to uppercase and lowercase letters in text. Just paste the text you need to convert to the area of the text. Click on one of the buttons and let the caseconverter do the job for you afterwards.

How to use case converter online?

Did you write a complete note or document without realizing it in caps lock? Don't worry, you don't have to delete and rewrite everything. You can now use our case converter tool to convert the text instantly so that it has the correct capitalization style.

The upper case to lower case converter can be used to convert uppercase to lowercase,lowercase to uppercase, case title to case sentence, etc. Here's a 3-step quick guide to use the case changer.

  1. In the caps converter screen, copy and paste the sentences, paragraphs or entire document into the box to the left. Keep in mind that while the case changer preserves spacing, bold, italic or underlined text, fonts or hyperlinks will not be recognized.
  2. Choose any of the options available: "Sentence case," "Upper case," "lower case" "inverse case", “title case”.
  3. Your text will appear in the same box with its specified capitalization style. Now you can select and copy it manually and paste in the documents.

Why should you use sentence case converter?

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to use the case converter tool:

  1. If you accidentally left the caps lock on, you don't need to manually convert to lowercase now. Our caps lock converter adjusts the capitalization problems in the text easily.
  2. Have you forgotten in your document to capitalize on certain words? The whole thing you don't have to retype again. To perform an automatic conversion, simply use the capitalize text feature.
  3. If you optimize search engines, you probably know that you can increase your CTR (click-through-rate) by capitalizing each word in a title. You can take advantage of each word automatically with the case converter tool.

Types of Tex case

Sentence case: The sentence case converter allows you to paste any text you want and automatically transforms it into a fully structured sentence.

It works by capitalizing in each sentence the very first letter and then transforming the rest of the text into a lower case as well as converting i's into I's. Each letter will be converted into an upper case letter after a complete stop.

Note: Names or places will not, however, be capitalized.

Example: It is a sentence case.

Lower case: If you're wondering how to uncapitalize text, this is exactly what you'll be able to do with the lower case text converter. It turns all the letters in your text into small letters. To make lowercase from caps to lowercase, just copy the text you need to generate into the lower case and paste the text into the above box and select the tab ' lower case.'

Example: this is a lower case.

Upper case: The transformer in the upper case takes any text you have and convert to caps all the letters. Our uppercase converter make lowercase letters into CAPITALS (as well as keeping upper case letters as upper case letters) essentially.

To do this, simply select the text you need to change and paste in the above box, then select the tab UPPER CASE.


Capitalize case: The capital letter converter will convert each word's starting letter into an upper case automatically and leave the remaining letters as lower case letters.

Just copy the content you want to generate into this format, then paste the form above into the box and select the Capitalized Case tab.

Example: This Is Capitalized Case Tab Example.

Alternating Case: The alternating case converter allows you to convert your text (regardless of the current format) into a text that alternates between the lower case and the upper case. It will generate a capital letter within the same word and then a lower case letter.

Example: tHiS Is aLtErNaTiNg cAsE TaB ExAmPlE.

Title case: The title case converter is perfect for those who are somewhat uncertain about how to title an essay. In the context of a title, it essentially ensures that the correct letters are capitalized. Words like "an" will all be left in the lower case and important words like "Title" will be converted.

Example: This is Title Case Tab Example.

Inverse case: The inverse case converter is the way to inverse the text case. It will convert words to lower case if they are capitalized and lower case will be converted into capitalized.

Example 1: This is inverse case tab example > tHIS IS INVERSE CASE TAB EXAMPLE.

Example 2: This Is Inverse Case Tab Example > tHIS iS iNVERSE cASE tAB eXAMPLE.

Example 3: tHiS Is iNvErSe cAsE TaB ExAmPlE > ThIs iS InVeRsE CaSe tAb eXaMpLe.

Importance of Case Converter

  1. In your paper, the title plays an important role, so it should be properly formed. Our case converter is used to capitalize or make the titles stylish for books, movies, articles and other work headlines. All major words are capitalized in the title case, while minor words are reduced. Similarly, text-transform works perfect for changing the case in sentence.
  2. Once you have completed the text transform process of making lowercase or other converters, you can simply copy and paste back to the document.
  3. Our practical title case converter gives you all the text cases you need, just select one and click. While studying, writing or posting piece of writing, sentence case converter, lowercase letters converter and all caps generator may become your reliable assistant.
  4. Both office workers and people from other professions, who often have to work with the text, are regularly confronted with the need to change the already typed text register. Repressing the text again is not the best way to solve the problem in all such situations. Caps Lock and typed text accidentally clicked is no longer a problem! For any document or academic paper, all caps converter can change the cases.

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