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CPM calculator

CPM or cost per thousand impression is a noteworthy advertising term in a marketer's world. CPM in advertising allows you to see how much it would cost per 1000 views of ad, or impressions.

Putting it in context is an easy way to understand CPM. For example, if the CPM for a website is $5.00, that means you, as the advertiser, would pay $5.00 every 1000 times your ad was viewed.

CPM allows internet marketers, as its name suggests, to get a quantitative figure of how much it costs to them for 1000 impressions. To date, CPM is the most common web ad pricing technique used by marketers.

"That’s why, CPM stands for "cost per thousand impressions!"

Why is it important to calculate CPM?

Calculating CPM using CPM calculator is important because it allows you to know how much you are going to spend on your business’s advertisement.

  • Brand Awareness

Your business marketing is a critical part of your success. Without internet marketing, your website is unlikely to see the traffic in search engines it needs to rank well. It's a domino effect, and if you don't have traffic on your website, you probably won't make many sales.

  • CPM Calculator Helps in Finding Better Platform for Advertisement

By not only increasing brand awareness, but also measuring the impressions of each of your ad platforms, you are doing yourself and your business a favor when calculating your CPM. If you find that on a certain platform you don't get as many impressions as you would expect, you will be able to shift your strategy to improve that number. This ultimately leads to higher awareness of the brand and more overall conversions.

CPM gives you valuable insight that can really shift your marketing campaigns and shape them.

  • Analyze your budget

One of the biggest advantages of online campaigns is how easy it is to analyze and measure your advertising budget. With the right data, it's easy to see how far your advertising budget takes you and the performance of your campaign.

Together with your total budget, if you enter CPM in this calculator, you will see how many impressions you could have with that budget.

Low and High CPM

Low CPM means that your ad is displayed at relatively low cost to Internet users, while high CPM means you pay more per view.

How to use CPM Calculator?

If you are already familiar with the CPM for an ad and enter it along with the total number of impressions you want, you can calculate how much it will cost you by using our calculator.

If you enter the values like impression and the budget in the CPM calculator, you will receive your CPM. By calculating CPM or the price you are paying for 1000 ad impressions, you can decide that the amount you are paying for your business is economic or not.

Now that you know your campaign's impressions, budget, and CPM, you can make your digital marketing strategy more informed decisions.

How do you calculate CPM?

CPM refers to the cost of a marketing campaign reaching at least 1000 people, or cost per thousand. In the term, the letter "M" refers to the 1000 Roman number.

There are a few crucial pieces of information you need to calculate your CPM.

  1. First, you need to decide how many impressions your ad is going to receive or how many times your ad is going to be seen. You must also fix the ad's price.
  1. Then you need to divide total number of impressions by 1000, or ad views. For example, when you divide that number by 1000, let’s say 30,000/1000, the result is 30.
  1. You will then have to divide your ad's cost, fixed in the first step, by the number that you calculated by dividing your ad views by 1000 in the second step, to end up with your CPM value.
  1. In short, the formula for calculating your CPM is ad cost divided by the result that are divided by 1000 impressions.

Well, you can simply put the values in our CPM calculator to get the CPM without the stress of manual calculations. One important point here is that CPC and CPM are two different things. You can calculate CPC on our CPC calculator for the better understanding of difference between CPC and CPM. Similarly, our Google AdSense Calculator helps bloggers out to know the Ads values and income on their blogs. 

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