Reverse Ip Domains Checker

To use prepostseo Reverse Ip Domains Checker, Paste Domain name or IP Address in the input box given below and click on check reverse ip domains Button.


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Reverse IP Lookup

Reverse Ip Domain checker detect all websites hosted on the same ip address. This tool is used to prevent hacking attacks. If number of domain hosted on same ip address are large then you website is less secure. And if less number of domains hosted on an ip address then you can consider your website as safe.

This tool will display all domain hosted on your shared server. You can also use this tool to ensure that the ip address that your website is using not being used by any other website. More number of websites on same ip address can harm your ranking in the search engines.

Shared Servers Vs Dedicated Servers

Shared server host your domain on shared ip addresses. In that case it is tough for you to rank your website, because search engines also check how spam an ip address is. Dedicated server do not shared your ip address with any other domain. So it is preferred to use dedicated server if you want to do good SEO for your website.

Using this tool is very easy. Enter your domain name or ip address in the input box and click on the Check reverse ip domains button. Within seconds it display the whole list of domains hosted on your server.

Reverse IP Domain Checker is a great tool, designed to check how many websites are hosted on the same server at specific IP address. This tool displays all the websites that are hosted on the same IP.

How to use it?

Here is Guide to using this tool

  1. Just Type Domain Name or Paste URL.
  2. Hit Check Button and have a seat.

Our Intelligent Tool will fetch all websites that are hosted on same IP Address and Show results in Table. Here you can see a list of websites that are hosted on your server with shared IP.

Everyone can use this tool Free of cost. No need to sign up or registration.

Benefits of Reverse IP Domain Checker Tool

This tool shows you a list of websites that are using same IP Address. You can check all these websites whether these are malware infected or not?

Sharing an IP address with a website that contains illegal or immoral content or reported as spam can make a negative impact on your website ranking. To check malware, you can use our Free and Excellent tool Google Malware Checker. This Tool will help you to identify malicious or suspicious websites and notify you.

Drawbacks of Shared IP Address

A website that is under DDOS attack, hosted on same server with same IP address is dangerous for your website ranking. DDOS attacks can down the whole server and your website will go down or will be unavailable for users.

It is best practice to use dedicated servers if you are serious about your website and its ranking.