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JPG & PNG to ICO Converter

With so many ico converter of the same type being available on the internet, it becomes practically very difficult to choose the best one. How do you know that you are picking a favicon generator that would work at the highest level? Are you actually considering the best option? These are some of the many questions which users have to answer mentally before selecting an online favicon converter.

Why should you use our png to ico converter?

Before we start looking at the details of the Prepost SEO png to ico converter, it is necessary to understand why it should be considered. As compared to various tools available to serve the same purpose, our ico converter is a much more dependable alternative. You can count on it as it would generate a quality ico file without any problem. Other than that, it is a free tool so you do not have to pay any payments. This does not mean that you can only use a trial version without any charges.

All features of the tool are free and you can perform as many conversions as you want. Secondly, it is an online tool and the user does not have to go through any installations. Simply open the link and perform the conversion process. In a conclusive manner, it can be said that this converter offers every amazing feature that users are looking for.

How to Use ICO Converter?

It is not possible to use a tool if you are not aware of the steps to be followed. Most people do not prefer tools with a hard to understand interface. No one has the time to go through several options, develop and understanding and then use the tool. The jpg to ico converter is simple to use and you do not need to go through a learning procedure.

Here are the steps which you have to perform:

  1. To start with, you need to select the file to convert png to ico. This file would be in .png format.
  2. There is a browse button through which you can select the file. Once the selection has been completed, you can proceed to the next step.
  3. The output file format would be .ico which is the format for favicon. After selecting the output format, you can begin the conversion process.
  4. When icon converter has converted the file, download the favicon.

If you have a look at the overall usage process of jpg to ico converter, it has a very straightforward procedure to convert jpg to ico. All you need to do is select the desired image and get it converted. Along with that, if cropping is needed, it would be done before you start the process of conversion.

Why should you use Favicons?

Running a website successfully is all about obtaining the finest SEO results. There is no point in operating a website when you are not getting top SEO results. It takes time for a website to get rated among the top positions. Other than that, the position of a website matters a lot. Why do the websites not ranked on the first page of results lack traffic? This is simply because people do not want to spend time on looking at them. Most users have the opinion that the best websites are listed on the first page. All the ones which follow have lesser reliability and lower standard of services.

1. Favicon improves the rate of traffic

If you use seo checker for checking website analytics, you would figure out that domains with favicons are ranked higher. Let us go through a proper example. People browse for websites using two methods. Either they generate a search on Google or type the address of a particular website. As a user, you would only type the address of a particular website if you remember it. In other words, you would be a frequent user of that website.

  • The use of a favicon helps users in remembering a website. In this way, when people the favicon of the website multiple times; an image of the brand is created in the mind of the user. This is when he starts browsing the website simply by clicking its link without using any alternatives.
  • Websites which do not use favicons are not accessed directly by users. The reason being the same that people do not remember them. Instead, they only click them when the website is listed against their search. It is a normal perception that when we search for something, we have a clear image of what we are looking for. If we are searching for a particular shirt type, we would know about the brand which offers it. In other words, we would remember the logo of the brand. Favicon increases the level of brand recognition. When people view the logo / company image of a brand on the browser tab continuously, they start remembering it.

2. Achieve better SEO results through favicons

Even the best websites offering unique content face a tough time to climb the SEO rank ladder. This is because Google has strict parameters to rank a website. Each website gets measured against these parameters and then given a rank. If your website is good and matches the expectations of the user, it is not necessary that it would be ranked on the first page.

The first page of results only includes the top links that are specific in number. As a website owner, make sure that you are fulfilling extra features to the user. This would increase the chances of getting ranked on the top page. When you talk about additional aspects, having a favicon is one of the key options you need to look at.

  • A simple principle is that websites with favicons get ranked higher because they have more traffic coming their way. This means that they have a consistent count of visitors / buyers.
  • For any customer, it is hard to remember a brand until it has something exclusive to put on the table. As a brand, even if you have a unique logo, it would not be present in front of the eyes of the user at all times. However, having a favicon is something different. Let us go through an example for more understanding.
  • A favicon appears on the tab of the browser and the user views it till the tab is open. A lot of people use more than one tab at a time. If a brand does not have a favicon, the tab of that website would be the same as other tabs because it would not have an image.
  • On the other hand, if a favicon appears on the tab, the user would start recognizing and remembering the brand at a faster pace. This is where the customer would browse for the company directly instead of searching for it through the search engine. As a result, if he is impressed by the brand and its offers, he would make more frequent visits. This would results in improving the SEO position of the brand.

3. Bookmarks and handling multiple tabs at a time

Considering the busy routine that we have these days, we have to handle multiple tasks at a time. When we are browsing the internet, most of us do online shopping as well as checking emails at the same time. In other words, we open more than one browser tab.

Now, when we have to switch from one tab to the other, one way is to check each tab that we have open and then switch. This is obviously not the ideal solution to adopt. If a brand has a proper related favicon, it becomes a lot easier for the user to recognize it and switch between tabs.

Users tend to prefer websites with favicons for making website bookmarks. This makes it much easier for them to recognize the website. Other than that, a favicon on the bookmark also helps the user in remembering the brand and browsing for it directly.

Uses and Benefits of favicon

Why should people use favicons? What kind of positive impacts are attained when a small sized image appears on the browser tab? A lot of people have these questions in mind when they are using a converter for the first time. It is understandable that a tool should not be used if it does not have a lot of benefits but when you talk about a png to ico converter, the benefits are quite amazing. Having a favicon helps you in numerous ways including highly impressive business results.

1. Better business results through brand recognition

To run a brand successfully, you need customers. Customers prefer a brand when they remember it. Hence, business owners should use each technique that can accelerate the process of brand recognition. Having a favicon is an integral step in this relation.

A converted jpg to ico favicon appears on the tab of the browser. Initially, you cannot expect the customer to instantly recognize the image and turn into a regular buyer. This is not a logical set of expectations. A customer would start remembering a brand if the products are up to the mark and the brand has a strong marketing option to keep the customer engaged.

  • A favicon is a strong way to keep the customer engaged. It is a normal psychological fact that people remember things that are present in front of them for a long period of time.
  • This is obviously the case when you have favicons in front of you. Unlike animations, favicons do not disappear after a few minutes. You are sub consciously looking at the favicon as long as the browser tab is not closed.
  • It is impossible to get customers and keep them engaged if your brand is not promoted well. Even the best brands end up losing if their services are not promoted in the correct manner.
  • Having a favicon is an amazing way to place the brand identity in front of the customer for a long span of time. All successful brands these days are adding favicons so that customers have a company related image in front of their eyes for a longer span of time.

2. Having the correct favicon image increases rate of traffic

It is all about having a good traffic count if you want to get the best business results. You cannot generate business if you do not have people visiting your website. How can you convince people to visit your website? There are various ways to achieve this result and having a favicon is one of them. It is obvious that you need to follow some conditions to attain the best results.

It is not feasible to use any image randomly for the purpose of a favicon. You need to take few important parameters into account. How clear is the image? What kind of colour combination does it have? The image which has to be used for a favicon should ideally have a soft colour scheme.

People tend to close a favicon if the image has an irritating colour combination. Along with that, it should not have a lot of text as the purpose of favicons is not reading. It only has the purpose of promoting the brand. In a nutshell, choose a simple image with a soft colour combination.

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