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PrepostSEO Plagiarism Checker APIs are now available and ready to use. You can integrate these api with any system you want. We have verity of options in API, so that you can modify Plagiarism checker according to your need.

You can check content sentence wise, or by sending a full article. We also provide checking plagiarism via .txt, .doc and .docx files Through PPS API. There is no limit for length of sentence, it’s all up to you how long sentence you want to check. Also there is no words limit for an article per search. You can even search an article of 5,000 words. Looks Great!

Integration with API is very easy, all you have to register at prepostseo.com and go to your account page to grab your API key after it is done; check API documentation to send requests to check plagiarism.

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Fast and Accurate Sentence Wise Checking
Full Article Checking 100% Safe & Secure
Check Plagiarism Via .Doc / .txt / .DOCX files Easy to configure
Use Same API on Multiple platforms Access to all premium Tools
No Storage to our database 24/7 Support
Having problem in integrating API with your system? let us do this job for you. contact us

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