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Domain Authority is one of the SEs signals to measure the rank of any website. This is a scale of points ranging from 0 to 100. The higher number of points are the higher Domain Authority is. So, this factor also plays the role either you try to be on the 1st page of Google search results or want organic traffic bring in. Few of the features which affect Domain Authority are as follows:

  • Age of your Domain
  • Site Volume
  • Quality as well as Amount of backlinks
  • Amount of Social signals

Considering all of these can boost your domain authority. Even every effort to enhance Authority of your pages eventually increase the domain authority. Now, do you have a measuring flask or weight gauge or scale by using which you can measure Domain Authority? Off-Course not. So, how would you know it?

What our tool is capable of?

Measuring a domain authority is a complex thing. We are here to solve such kind problems of yours. Just check out our "Domain Authority Checker" tool. This tool will exactly calculate precise and authentic Authority of your domain keeping all the facts and figures in consideration. You just need simply put the URL in the given box and click on "Check Authority" and you will find results for both that is Domain Authority as well as Page Authority. In addition to this, you can supply multiple URLs up-to 10 maximum to calculate both DA and PA at the same time.

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