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Domain Authority is one of the SEs signals to measure the rank of any website. This is a scale of points ranging from 0 to 100. The higher number of points are the higher Domain Authority is. So, this factor also plays the role either you try to be on the 1st page of Google search results or want organic traffic bring in. Few of the features which affect Domain Authority are as follows:

  • Age of your Domain
  • Site Volume
  • Quality as well as Amount of backlinks
  • Amount of Social signals

Considering all of these can boost your domain authority. Even every effort to enhance Authority of your pages eventually increase the domain authority. Now, do you have a measuring flask or weight gauge or scale by using which you can measure Domain Authority? Off-Course not. So, how would you know it?

What our tool is capable of?

Measuring a domain authority is a complex thing. We are here to solve such kind problems of yours. Just check out our "Domain Authority Checker" tool. This tool will exactly calculate precise and authentic Authority of your domain keeping all the facts and figures in consideration. You just need simply put the URL in the given box and click on "Check Authority" and you will find results for both that is Domain Authority as well as Page Authority. In addition to this, you can supply multiple URLs up-to 10 maximum to calculate both DA and PA at the same time.

How Domain Authority is calculated

Domain authority of any website is calculated by Moz. Domain authority and Page authority of any website is updated on monthly basis. There are more than 100 factors that used by Moz to calculate domain authority which is follows

Age of the website: It means when the website was live in the search engines. It does not mean that when the domain name was registered.

Back Links Number of links pointing to your domain also one of the major factors for calculating domain and page authority. To get backlinks you can also use our auto backlinks maker tool.

Types of backlinks: if you have spammed backlinks pointing towards your website, then your DA will be low even if you have thousands of those links.

Quality of the Content: Quality of the content includes average length of the text on your web pages. Also, Grammar and spelling mistakes also fall under this category. If you have plagiarized content in your website then Authority of your website will be considered as low.

Speed of the website: Loading speed of the website not only increases your website authority also it helps you to rank better in search engines.

Design of your website: design does not mean, how much attractive design you have, it means is your website is compatible with all browsing devices like tablets, cell phones, phablets, laptops, desktop, etc.

Moz Trust: This Term is also introduced by Moz. Moz trust of any website developed with the passage of time and they have different parameters to calculate it.

Social Signals: it means how much your website is being shared on the social media websites like facebook, google, twitter, etc.

How to maintain Domain Authority & Page Authority:

If you have achieved 60 DA this month, it does not mean this value will be the same in next months. Domain authority and page authority of web pages may increase or decrease with the passage of time. To stabilize your website authority you have to regularly update the content of your website. Get backlinks from other sources. Share your posts to social media on daily basis.

What is the difference between Page Authority and Domain Authority?

Both are different terms and calculated with different parameters. Any page that exists in your website has same DA while PA of all pages will be different from others. If one post has 100 backlinks, 2000 social shares will definitely have more Page authority as compared to the newly created page or the page having less links pointing to it.

By using prepostseo authority checker tool you can check up to 50 URL at once. We provided the fastest solution for checking domain metrics. If you want to check more than 50 URLs you can use bulk website authority checker tool.

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