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Sometimes we want or in need to compare two different webpages. Not from the viewpoint how they look like but from the angle, what type of meta-tags like description, keywords, title and content both of these contain. The reason behind comparing any two webpages can be anything. Like maybe you are intended to check the content similarity and want to change the content of one page afterwards. Maybe you want to compare two pages to adopt same kind of Meta description or Meta Keywords or you want Meta Title very close to one another. Comparing a better ranked webpage with a lower ranked page might help in pointing out the deficiencies in lower ranked webpage. So, there can be anything on your mind which pushes you towards this comparison and quite evidently this comparison was not an easy task if we don’t provide you with “Page Comparison” tool.

Features and Functions of “Page Comparison” tool: presents you with a very nice and deliberate tool that’s used for comparing two pages side by side. Every feature of both pages is separately displayed side by side that makes the comparison easier than ever before. You don’t have to worry about missing a single piece of information while using our “Page Comparison” tool.

Using this tool is also extremely easy and straightforward. There are two boxes above. Just place the URLs of the webpages you want to compare in each box and click on “Compare Pages” and there you go. You get different pieces of information for both of the pages side by side. This is it for now, let’s enjoy using “Page Comparison” tool!