Text To Handwriting Converter

To convert text to Handwriting, Simply copy-paste or type your content, select the handwriting style, and then click Download to save it as PNG.

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Convert Text To Handwriting

Text to handwriting converter is a free online tool to convert typed text to handwriting format easily and quickly.

This handwriting generator converts text in real-time and lets you download results in PNG format.

How to convert text to handwriting online?

To convert text to handwritten format, follow the below steps:

  1. Type or paste your text into the above input field.
  2. Select the handwriting style from the listed options.
  3. Set the font size of the text in pixels.
  4. Choose a specific Ink Color using the color pickers.
  5. Select the page style from the listed options.
  6. Make text bold or italic for better text styling.
  7. Download the converted text file in PNG format.

Features of Prepostseo Text to Handwriting Converter

This online tool comes with a simple and easy-to-use interface. Some useful features of our free text to handwriting tool are:

Type or Copy-Paste the Text

Our handwriting generator lets you type or copy-paste the text directly into the input box.

Now, there is no hassle to type lengthy notes or assignments. Just copy the text from MS Word or any resource available online and paste it into the converter to start the process.

Different Handwriting Styles

This text to handwriting tool provides multiple writing styles to make the text more attractive and easier to read.

It lets you change the handwriting between eight different styles with less effort.

Availability of Font Size (PX)

Our text into handwriting converter lets you set the font size of the input text in pixels as per your requirement. 
You can enter the number of pixels directly into the input field or can adjust them by using the arrow keys.

Set Text Color

Our converter lets you set the parameters of the text as per your requirement. 
This online converter is integrated well with all RGB, HSL, or HEX color pickers. You can simply change the text color by selecting a color picker and entering the values into the required input fields.

Different Page Styles

You can use this feature to change the background style of the page with any of the below three styles:

  1. A4 Line Page (By Default)
  2. Dark Blank
  3. Light Blank

Make Font Stylish

To make your text more stylish and realistic, use this feature. It makes your text bold and italics without any hassle.
Simply choose the bold and italic boxes from the options and make your font stylish in seconds.

Real-Time Text Conversion

The best thing about this converter is that it converts typed text to handwriting fonts at the same time.
Just enter your text into the above input box and let our tool convert it at the same time.

Download Results

This feature allows you to download the result report once your text has been converted. By clicking on the Download button, it quickly saves the converted file to the local storage only in PNG format.

Text to handwriting Result

Free for Everyone

This text to handwriting converter doesn’t require you to buy any premium plan to convert text. It is 100% free to use for students, writers, and teachers.