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To use prepostseo Social Media Likes Counter, Paste Upto 100 URLs to Count facebook likes, Pintrest Pins, StumbleUpon Shares & Reddit Shares in the input box given below and click on Analyze URLs Button.


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Social Media Counter 

A Social Counter is a tool that calculates facebook likes, twitter tweets, Pinterest Pins , etc. Calculating those likes and shares is important, so that you can check popularity of your Article, Post, Tool, etc. Prepostseo tool check following websites.

  1. Count Facebook Likes: Facebook is top social media platform. Every internet user knows it. Everyday my like are share many posts / pictures at facebook. Our Tool count facebook likes and shares against webpage each URL and display you the overall number.
  2. Count Pinterest Pins: Pinterest is an image sharing website. millions of users share pictures at Pinterest. Our tool calculate how many users shared your post / picture at Pinterest.
  3. Count Reddit Upvotes
  4. StumbleUpon Like

100% Free:Our Social Likes Counter tool is 100% Free, you can check unlimited URLs

4 Different Counters:By using our tool, you can count likes / shares of Facebook, Pintrest, StumbleUpon & Reddit

Upto 100 URLs:You can check upto 100 URLs at once. No need to refresh page every time

How to use our Tool?

Using our social likes counter is very easy. Paste URLs list in the input box, make sure each url must be in new line. After that click "Analyze URLs" button to check total shares against each URL. You can add up to 100 webpage at once.

Why Social Profiles Are Important for Your Company

The social media is a temporary yet powerful platform that must be taken advantage of such as

Increased Recognition: For your business to spread you, need to be visible to others. Social profiles are important as they make it easier and more accessible for new customers and recognizable for existing customers.

More opportunities to convert: Every post on your social media is an opportunity for your customers to convert. You have access to all your customers and every post you share gives them a chance visit the site. Even the sheer number of opportunities on your social media is significant.

Increased Traffic and Decreased Marketing Cost: Your traffic generated is only due to your previous customers while social media may help you increase it by every social media profile you add will lead a path back to your site generating more traffic. A little effort on social media is needed with perfect strategy and you will see your results.

How to Increase Social Fans

To increase fans you need to engage your audience and social media is a great platform to serve this purpose. There are many social media engagement tactics, some of them are listed below

Have Knowledge Of Your Fans Interests: Fans and friends are usually made on mutual likings; similarly, people with same interests tend to be together. Therefore, to have your social fans be with you, you need to prioritize your fans likings.

Optimize Your Social Profile: You should have an easy and an identifiable username, have a recognizable or reasonable display photo and clear descriptions of your bio. Although social apps are optimized but you need to do your best to optimize the data and everything you are posting on your platform.

Promote your Presences: For you to have fans you need to promote yourself on the social media, Add “follow” button on your websites.