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Line Counter

Line counter is the tool every writer look for once in his life. Writing proposals always come with limited words, characters and lines. If you are an author or content writer, you must have faced this fact that client demands certain words in the article or book.

You can count lines manually if the manuscript is short, for example lines of one page are countable. But it’s certainly impossible to count lines of hundreds of pages. How can you count lines of these massive books?

Well, Prepostseo line counter is the simple solution. You do not need to spend hours for this hectic work. What you can do is, copy lines and paste it in the tool. As soon as you will paste the content, the result will be shown with several options including words, characters sentences, and lines.

Who can use Line counter?

The method of line counting is beneficial for developers to measure the size of codes. It is a standard way to analyze the amount of effort required by a developer to create a program. In addition, it is used to analyze the productivity of programming or maintenance once the software is made. As a blogger or writer you may be interested in telling the lines to achieve the goal of being informative and well written. This tool allows you to verify the number of available lines in the body of a web page. It facilitates the personal effort and the process of automatic counting in comparison with the hectic manual counting.

Why is the line counter used?

The line counter tool is used to verify the quality of the content. It is impressive to know the textual quantity of a page or written work. Although, sometimes, long articles or long informative blogs are very boring to read. But, an appropriate number of words and lines is vital and remarkable for the textual content.

Uses of line counter tool

It is valuable for developers to know the size and extent of the written code. When executing an application while testing, a developer must know the lines of code.

Similarly, it is helpful for those who are in the business of writing. The lines rich in quantity indicate informative and investigated work. To write a poem or an essay, we need to know the line counts in particular, either to add or remove the lines.

The limit of forty lines is the ideal written line of the poem. 67 Characters per line are the ideal limit for a novel. The shorter lines are easy to read. That is why it is ideal for a written novel that counts the line and makes it more readable.

The lines must have limited characters, so it affects the interest of the readers. The lines should not be too long to attract readers, for novels, prose, essays or articles. It is not necessary to download any application, software or install any extension. You can simply copy and paste directly into the Prepostseo line counter tool. The line counter will allow you to count lines and report on it. Without much effort, all you need is to simply copy and paste the content in the box.

Line Counter for Essay Writers

There is often a lot of confusion, but if you are looking for a general answer to the question, "How many sentences are there in a paragraph?” The answer is that there are 3 to 8 lines in a paragraph. The important key to this answer is that it is a golden rule.

A paragraph may consist of a single sentence, and it may be a sentence as a single word. Prepostseo line counter knows how to differentiate between spaces and written lines. Don't forget to check grammar on Grammar Checker of your essay.

Line Counter for Students

If you are a student, your teacher or tutor may ask you to write a paragraph without telling you how long he expect it to be. In general, educators like to see a paragraph that consists of at least 5 sentences.

It becomes problematic when you don’t have an idea of writing short paragraph. When writing use line counter to have a fair idea what you should include and what not. A general practice is to start with a line that expresses an idea. Use the following 3 sentences to provide information to support that idea, and use the final sentence to draw a conclusion.

Line Counter for Teachers

Obviously, teachers want to see that how much their students have acquired knowledge and can think critically. It's hard enough to prove with just one line! Teachers sometimes establish a rule that all paragraphs must have a certain length, but it is important to remember that the specific length of paragraphs is not a prerequisite for acceptable writing.

So, on returning the assignments, a teacher can easily count the lines of essays, papers or summaries by using Prepostseo line counter and can award grades according to it.

Line Counter for News Writer

If you are a new writer you can use line counter to make concise and brief news. It’s because news writers also like to use short paragraphs. They have to present the information succinctly and keep the reader's attention.

Line Counter for Commercial Writers

Commercial writers know that most people do not want to read 1,000 widely spaced text words to see what they are writing, so they also like sentences and paragraphs to be short. They will even use many sub-headers and count lines before starting a new paragraph. That’s done by them so a reader can see what each paragraph is about before reading it.

When do you use shorter paragraphs when writing essay?

Open any book and you will find many short paragraphs. There is no genera rule for certain lines in a shorter paragraph. If direct speech is used, there will be a new paragraph each time a new speaker starts speaking.

How can you know when to start a new paragraph in a blog?

Every time you start talking about a new thought that contributes to the general theme of your work, you can start a new paragraph. Usually a paragraph will consist of a collection of lines that have something in common when considered as a group. As soon as you move on to the next idea, you can start a new paragraph. There is no limit of lines in the paragraph before jumping to the new paragraph.

Luckily, you do not have to worry too much about lines in a para, because as we've pointed out, there are no specific rules.

How many lines you should keep?

It is best to start a paragraph with a sentence that defines the topic to be discussed. Try to keep it simple enough. If you include too many ideas in your opening lines, you run the risk of becoming entangled in a too complex and incoherent paragraph. Each line in a paragraph should support the first, "thematic sentence". When you start talking about a new or related topic, start a new paragraph.

The debate continues…

If you look around blogs and creative writing, you will find that the idea of paragraphs with a minimum of 3-5 lines and a maximum of 8 is quite common. But there are some experts who say that two or three paragraphs per page are better and others that say that 5 to 7 lines will do the job.

In the meantime, students of journalism are taught to keep sentences as short as possible, and a few lines are considered perfectly acceptable.

We even found a recommendation that suggested a minimum of 7-10 lines per paragraph and a maximum of one full page!

How long should your paragraphs be?

Unless you are busy with academic writing, the length of your paragraphs depends on you. We like the shorter paragraphs for informal writing like this blog post. We like the idea of following an idea by paragraph, and we think that paragraphs make reading and understanding a text much easier. The paragraphs of a single line are excellent to emphasize. Word counter and words to pages converter are also popular among writers to count exact words instead of lines counting.

If you are writing to pass a course from school, college or university, we recommend that you ask your teacher how many lines and words he is expecting from you. It is always better to ask in these situations than to try to guess. This is by far the best way to make sure you adapt your writing to what your teacher expects, rather than following a general rule.

Line Counter Doesn’t Stop You Being Expressive

You may feel that counting lines, letters and characters forbids you to express yourself; that drowns your writing. It's fair to feel that way. But instead of that feeling, work to limit the number of characters in your article or text and let yourself grow as a writer.

You may want to work with advertising slogans, for example, remembering slogans from your childhood days. These are short, concise and expressive texts to remember. So think that way when you count characters or lines in your article. Be stimulated by the use of synonyms, antonyms, and acronyms to express yourself and become a better writer.

Write Long Sentences with Limited Characters

You may need to write longer sentences sometimes, which can minimize the number of characters. This is because many grammatical expressions must be written once instead of several times. A comma, while counting, must meet the same number of letters. Surely you want your readers to understand the message, be it an informative text, an instruction for the workers or simply to express their gratitude. Keep in mind that your written goal is for readers to understand your writing, and this can be achieved with a limited number of letters or characters. Count Lines and Characters for Twitter.

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Counting letters and characters is more or less impossible for a normal text. Even if a site only allows a limited number of characters, for example, 280 (a typical limit on some popular sites such as Twitter), it is still the average length of a normal sentence. It is very easy to get lost in time in something that is irrelevant. Everyone knows that time is money, and time is too short to count letters and characters by yourself. Simply putting the text in a line counter is much better and saves you more time, and you can use it for your usual writing.

Rewrite Long Phrase in Short Lines

The best part of using Line Counter is to have them count the number of characters you have already used. In fact, it is useful because it has the character counter to help you rewrite a long phrase or status in online publications.

Line Counter and Facebook

Facebook is a popular social networking site, which is better known than Twitter and MySpace. The networking site also includes limiting the number of characters in your post. It also has its own character counter to count the number of words written on the wall, the status, and the comment.

But before you post it on Facebook, it can automatically delete the extra words and lines. Hence, it’s always recommended to use line counter before writing a post on Facebook to avoid deletion of extra lines. One more exciting thing about Facebook is that social media activist like to have a unique facebook page and group's name. Ever wondered how can you come up with unique name for that? Surprise, surprise! Check our word combiner tool to create hundreds of unique name for your Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Youtube channel name.

Line counter for Text Messages

Another popular form of communication is SMS or text messages through their mobile phones. Basically, here you send someone a short message that can be done quickly. Just as when using a computer, text messages also have a character limit and a built-in character counter. It is good to use line counter for convenience since it can be uncomfortable to have the extra lines and characters when sending from messages from desktop.