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Small caps text generator

Pre Post SEO small text generator tool generates small text from your regular sized font by just copy and paste. This process is possible with the help of Unicode.

Supper Easy:Just copy paste and small text generator will convert your content into small letters

Six in One:Small caps generator output in six different values including superscript, subscript and caps letters

Real-time Results:Prepostseo online small text converter tool makes text smaller in real time in 2 different font sizes

Unicode is a character set that covers almost all symbols that could be used in computers. Till June 2018 Unicode covers 137,439 characters including 146 modern and historic scripts. It also covers all types of symbols and emoji sets.

All small text that will see are not fonts. These are the different characters and have a specific code behind them. But you can cope and paste these alphabets and use it on social media sites like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, etc.

There are 6 output types that will be displayed when you will enter any letter.

1- Small Caps: small capital letters look like uppercase alphabets but in regular size. Each regular character of the alphabet has an equivalent small uppercase character. If you are planning to use small caps font in your HTML page, then it is better to use it via CSS. To use minicap in your HTML page you can use code like below:

Testing 123

As we mentioned earlier, small capitals generated by our tool is not a font. It is the sub-set of Unicode characters. This is complete a-z output will look like


2- Superscript: Subscript generator can make convert text into subscript. These characters are mostly used in math, phonetics, and related fields but you can also copy and paste these characters into Tumblr. These characters set slightly above the regular typing line. Our Unicode superscript generator converts your writing to a subset of the Unicode standard. You might notice some characters may appear a little different in superscript text. The full superscript alphabet used by small letter generator will look like:


3- Subscript: this small font text set slightly below the normal typing line. All subscript letters look like the same English alphabets but some of the letters look little weird. This is because Unicode specified those characters in that way. Here's how subscript letters used in our small letter font tool.


4- Uppercase to lowercase online: This small subtext generator also gives you the output in which all uppercase and lowercase letters converted to lowercase. For example, if you have text, "I Am OK", it will be converted into "I am ok". So one part of our tool is capital to lowercase generator.

5- Font Size 11px: This font size is used where you have less space and more text to display. Like in the footer of the website use this font to show who developed this website. This is a small font text, you can copy and paste this small font to use it anywhere you want.

6- Font size 9px: Well this is very small letter font and seriously we don't know where people will use it. As per demand, we have added this feature in our small text generator tool. Small fonts are fun for paeople, we guess so!

More about Small Caps Converter:

There are various uses of small caps online. You can make text smaller. This could be used in the opening of the sentence where you want to get more attention of the readers. Today small caps text generator is mostly used online when users want to post something on Tumblr, facebook or twitter.

How to use text to caps tool:

Using our text to caps tool is very easy. All you have to do is copy and paste your text that you want to convert. You can also type by yourself and you can check results in real-time. We have not added any option to upload .doc, .docx or .txt file. Because we don't think that is there any Possibility when the user wants to convert the whole file to subscript, superscript or small capitals. But if you think there is any need for this option you are welcome to contact us.

How to use small font generator on Instagram and Social Media:

Well, most of the site supports Unicode character set on their websites, but there is a possibility that some websites might have blocked certain characters of Unicode char-set. If you want to use these letters in your username, email address, physical address, etc. then it will not be possible for you to use it. But some websites also allow you to use all caps In your first and last name like Facebook. You can use sub/super scripted letters in facebook news feed. Tumblr also allows their users to use special characters in the posts.