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Average Finder

The simple method of calculating average comprises of two steps with Average Calculator is.

  1. Add all the numbers
  2. Divide the sum by the total number of inputs.

Example of average calculation

For the following series of inputs.

6,4,8,2,10,14 (a total of six inputs)

Average = 6+4+8+2+10+14/6

Average = 44/6

Average = 7.33

Calculating the average of a set of number is not tough if you do not have time limitations and the inputs are easy as well. However, if you are dealing with complex numbers and there is less time on your hands, manual calculation methods do not work that well. Complex numbers are hard to add and divide. Secondly, as a user, if you do not have exceptional calculation skills, the task becomes even harder. In an overall manner, using this method to calculate average is a big hassle. Instead, if you use average finder, you would be able to get accurate answers and that too without spending long time durations.

Using this simple average calculator

  1. Select an input option

The input in this case is the series of numbers for which the average has to be determined.  The first option is entering each value in an individual text box. For instance, if you have to determine the average of 7 numbers, each of them would be entered in an individual text box. 

  • If you are using the second option, click the “single input” tab. After that, you would see a text box in which the numbers have to be entered as a string. In addition to that, there would be a comma between two consecutive digits. A related example is provided below.


  1. What are the outputs produced?

When you click the “calculate” button, the following results would be shown to you.

  • Average Value : The average value is the mean of the entered values
  • Sum of Value : The sum of value is determined by adding all the numbers for which the average has to be determined.
  • Average Count: The average count is the number of digits for which the average has to be calculated. For instance, in the above string of numbers, there are 5 digits. Thus, the average count would be taken as 5.


This average calculator suits multiple user types

There is no doubt that this average calculator can be used by various user types. Some of them are listed below.

  1. Students working on mathematical problems

There are very few students who like spending time on a mathematics assignment. Calculation of average is one of the many topics which students study. Dealing with these problems becomes a complicated task if you are not using a calculation tool. 


  1. Mathematicians and teaching experts

Checking several assignments at the same time without using a quality calculation tool can be a cumbersome task for teachers. This average calculator is a suitable option for professional teachers. Using it, they can check the answers of bulk questions in quick time. In addition to that, using it helps in attaining accurate answers.