The customers are requested to go through the policy carefully. The customers are entitled with all the rights to contact us and clear their queries about this policy or use of their personal information by us. As already mentioned, occasional changes in the policy is inevitable to reflect the feedbacks of our clients and also to make our services better for you. This is done in order to inform the visitors of all the changes that we’ve made in our use of your personal information and/or other legal applications. Visitors would be informed of all the changes via an updated date below that is an indication as to when the policy was last updated. This would be posted on our website at Customer Privacy

Gathering your personal information: The tools and products (collectively called the “services”) provided on our website are used by the visitors on their own will. To make use of all these services, we demand the customers to make an online account on our website. This procedure requires that the customers provide us with their basic information such as customer’s name, contact number, email address, website URL and credit card information. Once the customers have given us their basic details, it is a proof that they agree to our terms and conditions (as decided in the policy) and give us a right to make use of their personal information under legal measures.

Use of your personal information:

The information that we demand at the moment you make an account is used only for the billing purpose and to contact our customers in case of emergency. It is also used to analyze the website content of the particular customer and other important purposes already described in the Policy. We assure that none of this information is shared for illegal purposes with unauthorized individuals or a third party except our business partners whose job is to manage our business setup on day to day basis such as billing and payment procedures. However does has the right to disclose your information without informing you in case when the following conditions may arise:

  • For the purpose of legal procedures as decided by the law.
  • When disclosure becomes an obligation in order to secure our rights and property.
  • For our safety and for the safety of our customers and third party.
  • To abide by judicial processes, court orders and other legal events that demands our cooperation.
  • In accordance with the laws of business when an acquisition, merge or sale of assets is at stake.

Get notified via Email:

The customers have the right to choose whether they want to get their entire website’s information in their mail’s inbox or not. Emails sent by us may also contain offers and other important information in the best interest of our clients. However if you do not want to be disturbed via emails, you can always opt to change these setting by completing turning off the email notifications or altering their frequency. The setting could easily be changed by logging onto your personal account page and then changing your preferences likewise.

Getting a record of your Log Files:

As soon as you log on to our website, becomes accessible to all your information automatically which is sent by your web browser. This information usually includes your internet protocol (IP) address, version of your browser, domain name, language, date and time and all the information in your cookie file.

Our advertising partners:

Our advertising partners are entirely a third party who works to display the advertisements that appear on the web page when you log in. The only information shared with them about our customers is the website usage information and nothing else. This is also done in the best interest of the users and the only purpose behind this is to improve our website banner advertisements.

Website Cookies: takes every measure to provide comfort and ease of usage to our customers. For this purpose, often places a temporary or persistent cookie in the user’s computer’s hard drive so that the users don’t have to remember their login information every time they sign in. We want to bring in your notice that these cookies are harmless to the computer’s hard drive and do no damage to other files saved on your device. Their sole purpose is to remember the name of your browser used to access the internet. However if you do not wish to do so, you always have the option to change your settings and reject all cookies. Also, you would be notified whenever a cookie is placed on your computer. One important thing to remember is the fact that none of the personal information is stored via cookies on the hard drive.

General Internet User Privacy:

When visiting a customer’s website, reserves the right to place temporary or persistent cookies on our user’s hard drive in order to collect statistical and numerical data for our customers. These cookies however are incapable of storing or keeping record of any personal information thus making this information intractable. These cookies are only used to gather information that is accessible to all internet service providers, websites and search engines thus the security of the user is not at stake. A visitor’s general location obtained from the IP address, browser used by the user, type of operating system, websites visited, keywords used for browsing and monitor resolution settings are some examples of this general information. Occasionally we intend on providing our customers with additional information regarding their viewing audience and for this purpose we may charter the use of cookies from third party business partners in order to collect anonymous, non-personal information from general internet visitors. However none of the data from these third party partners is retained or stored in any form for future use. Our business partners are trusted individuals who have shown commitment to the sanctity of online privacy and have guaranteed us that all the data collected on the behalf of is non-personal information which doesn’t harm the interests or privacy of the user in any way. We strictly condemn and never take part in any such activities that by any chance are collecting and storing personal information from or about the other internet users.

Credit Card Security:

We do not store customer credit card details.

Delivery Policy:

Once your purchase any plan, the searches quota is added instantaly. But due to technical nature it may take 24 hours to reflect the searches quota from the time of purchase.

Refund Policy:

To view details please check refund policy page.