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Check Meta Tags Check Meta Title, Meta Description of you webpage and shows you display of your webpage in google.
Detailed Link Report Scans URLs in your webpage, check if all urls are seo friendly, also check broken links.
Keywords Density Test Calculates keywords density on your webpage and display you the results.
Robots.Txt / SiteMap Test Scans Robots .txt file, display error if any suspicious line found. Checks XML sitemap for your domain.
Images / Favicon Test Checks if every image on the webpage is using proper ALT Tag. Also, Checks Favicon of the website.
HTML Tags Test Check H1, H2, H3 tags on the webpage. Scans full page to check depreciated HTML tag found.



onpage seo

Why OnPage SEO Checker Is Important:

if you have thousands of backlinks from other websites but your website is not properly configured according to the standards of google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. you can not rank your website in the search results. So First make your site better then go for its off page SEO.


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Why test every URL with Seo score checker?

Metrics of every page are different from other. There might be some same things like code to text ratio, robots.txt, favicon, etc. but there other things that you should check for every page like Headings, Broken links testing, inline CSS testing, alt tag testing, etc.

If your web page changes time by time and you also allow some other features like commenting then regularly check page SEO score after a specific time period. Because there might be some broken links added to the web page and that can harm your on-page seo.

seo and keywords density

Role of Keyword Density in SEO

Keyword density is one of the key factors for a quality websites. Your keyword density must be between 2-4% according to your desired keyword. If your density goes higher than your website might be penalized by google in term of keyword stuffing. To maintain keyword density you can use synonyms, you can move words or you can add a lot of other content that does not contain specific keyword.

Keyword Density Checker Tool

Seo Score Checker Widget

Website widget is now available. You can now add this tool to your website.

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Wordpress Plugin

Download our wordpress plugin and check seo of your webpages directly from your WP panel.

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What to do if i passed in all checks:

if your site is passed in every step, then it's time for off page seo. well you have to understand one thing that you site must navigate properly so that user feel easy to use your website and easily understand what you want to introduce. well get to the point, off page techniques mostly depends on backlinks from other websites. it's can harm you too if you are very careless in getting backlinks. Low quality backlinks can ruin your website. Social media sharing is also important to boost up your website seo in the search results.

One major factor in seo score of your page is the uniqueness of you text on your webpage. You content must not be plagiarized if you want to get high ranking in google. So check plagiarism every time before you make your post live.

Free Online Website Seo Analyzer

On page seo testing is one of the important process to rank your website in the search engines. This Online Seo analyzer will check your website from every side and display you the result for each section. Also it will help you to solve your website errors. You can check your website onpage seo with just one click. This OnPage SEO Checker will check meta title, meta description, links used in your website and status of those links, check either links are seo friendly or not, check underscores in your links. Also some advance tools are used in this section to check the keywords used in your website. There is a section that will inform you that about the keywords usage in your meta title and meta description.

Website Seo Checker Tool is very effective for websites. You cannot ignore on-page seo; if you want better position in the SEs. Our website analyzer checks almost every seo factor in your website. Tools that used in it are broken links checker, Meta tag analyzer, Keyword density checker, robots.txt checker, Seo friendly url checker, favicon tester, code to text ratio checker and GZIP Compression Tool.

This Tool will check following parameters of the web page:

» Page Title, Meta Description: As these Page title and description is a key factor in your website ranking. It is important to have your main keywords in the web page title and meta description.

» Google Search Results Preview: You cannot check your post preview before google index that web page. In the results, you will see how your website will look in the search results. Do modifications if it is not attractive.

» Keywords Density: Make sure you are using keywords in our web page content. Keyword frequency highly affects SERP.

» Broken links in your web page: Not only users but SEs also dislike broken links. If any broken link detected in the results, fix it ASAP.

» H1, H2 heading to your Web Page: Headings are also a factor in ranking because search engine crawlers deal with HTML headings differently.

» Robots.txt and site maps: XML Site maps are very important for quick indexing. Mostly site map is uploaded in the root directory eg: If you have uploaded sitemap in a different directory you can specify that root in the robots.txt file. If you have not uploaded it yet, create it with our XML sitemap Generator Tool and submit it to google webmasters tool.

» Image Alt Test & inline CSS Test: Most of the websites are only running on the basis of their images. So if you are also using any images on your web page then do not forget to add Alt attribute.

» WWW Redirection: if your website is accessible with WWW and without WWW, Google will treat it differently. It is quite possible your web pages indexed with and without www.

» HTML Compression/GZIP Test: Gzip compression helps to load a website faster. Good Loading speed mean good SERP.

WordPress Plugin:

This seo tester is also configured with one of our wordpress plugin called Prepost SEO. So if you have your website hosted in wordpress then no worry just download and install that plugin and it will help your site to improve its ranking in search engines.

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  • Page Title, Meta Description

  • Google Search Results Preview

  • Keywords Density

  • Broken links in your webpage

  • H1, H2 heading in your website

  • robots.txt and site maps

  • SEO Friendly URL Test

  • Image Alt Test & inline CSS Test

  • Favicon Test & HTML Page Size Test

  • HTML Compression/GZIP Test

  • Favicon Test & Text Ratio

Chrome Extension

Get our new chrome extension and access all popular seo tools with just one click.


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I would like to start by saying I love your website SEO checker and use this tool to check websites of my clients. I am using this tool from previous three months, and I found no other tool that checks on-page SEO better than prepostseo.

~ Mubeen Asmin ~

I created a website for my coffee shop. To remove onpage SEO mistakes, I contacted some companies, but all of them were expensive. One day luckily I check my website by using your tool and fixed all mistakes on my webpage within 14 days.

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As an SEO expert, I have to audit multiple websites on a daily basis. And for that, I always use Because it not only high light all mistakes on the website but also they have others tools to fix those errors.

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