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Website Page Snooper (View html)

With the passage of time rivalry between websites is getting harder, faster and top of all more complicated. With each crawling single instance of time, websites in bulk quantity are uploaded and gets online. Every website is stretched to its best capabilities to compete best in this hell of close competition reign. So everyone is ready to bury one’s all precious assets to win the race. One important thing that is the back-bone and dependable item for a website is its code. How beautifully it is structured. How many components of DHTML are employed and how nicely they collaborate among each other. So, you always need to keep your code improving. 

What does our Website Page Snooper tool do for you?

Keeping the above discussion and scenario in consideration, we were pushed to present a Website Html Viewer that is capable to let you spy on the code of any website you wish. So where are you going to spy today?

There are times when you need to keep an eye on your brute rival’s websites. You feel, OMG, how awesome this feature he has on his site. To have a deeper look at the code of any website is easier than ever before. Website Html Viewer offers you the ability to cruise through any website of your competitor. Get all the code and smell it closely, how precisely the code is structured containing, HTML, CSS, javaScript and even jQuery. Hurray! That is the secret punch. Get on it and beat your rivals.

Usage of this tool is not difficult at all. Just two steps and you are done. Put any valid URL within the box and click on ‘View HTML’ button and quite frankly, this is all you have to do. Now just pay attention towards the code you received in a matter of second. Quite convenient. Isn’t it?

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