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English to Binary Code Converter

Those “Zeros (0)” and “Ones (1)” may not look like anything to you, but the numbers in binary code actually say "Hello!"

Text to binary converter is used to convert text into binary codes. Let’s say, what binary code of “Hey” is?

It may look 3 words word but in the "words to binary" rule, it is “01001000 01100101 01111001” long. Binary code genrator is used to convert English to binary code.

What is the binary code?

Any code using only two symbols to represent information is considered to be the binary code. Different versions of the binary code used in a variety of contexts have been around for centuries. Braille, for example, uses raised and unraised bumps to convey information to the blind, Morse code uses long and short signals to convey information, and the above example uses 0s and 1s sets to represent letters. Perhaps the most common use for binary is in computers nowadays: text to binary translator is the way, most computers and computer devices ultimately send, receive, and store information.

Look through the table below and try using UTF-8 binary code to spell something. Try the name!

For each letter of your name, translate to binary and find the 8-bit binary code sequence, write it down with a small space between each 8-bit set. For instance, if your name starts with letter A, 01000001 would be your first letter according to English to binary code genrator.

Can’t write your name using table? That’s why we have developed words to binary convertor so you can easily convert letters (alphabet) to binary code.


hello in binary:  01001000 01100101 01101100 01101100 01101111

my name in binary (for name jhone):  01101010 01101000 01101111 01101110 01100101

Write Your Name in Binary Code in Lots of Ways

Somewhat arbitrary are the 0s and 1s of binary code. Any color, symbol, or object which can exist in two different forms or conditions like coin (heads and tails), shapes (circle and square), color (blue and green), the on and off switch can be used as a binary code.

WhyASCII to binary is a big deal?

Bits are usually transmitted electronically on computers and other computerized devices (such as calculators, printers, coffee makers, and microwaves). But this electronic information is temporary. It must be stored physically within the hardware of the device to exist for any length of time and without a power supply. That means converting every piece of binary code in a computer into a physical object or state. As it turns out, binary code is easy to convert from electronic information (e.g., 0s and 1s) to physical information, as it requires only two types of physical objects or states.

Just like when we are writing this information for you, it’s being stored in binary alphabet and letters to binary.

Does Bit Number Matter?

Arranging and reading bits in ordered groups make binary extraordinarily powerful for storing and transmitting enormous amounts of information. Comprehending why it helps to consider the alternative: what if one bit at a time was used? Well, only two types of information could be shared, one type is represented by 0 and the other type by 1. When you convert to binary the whole alphabet or signs of punctuation, you only get two types of information.

But when you group bits by two, you get four types of information:

00, 01, 10, 11

You double the amount of information by increasing from two-bit to three-bit groups:

000, 001, 010, 011, 100, 101, 110, 111

While eight types of information are still insufficient to represent a whole alphabet, you may be able to see where the pattern is heading.

Try to know how many possible bits can be combined using bits grouped by four using any binary code you want. Then try using five-grouped bits again. So now you know how to convert to binary? Let's see how many combinations do you think you can use six or 64 bits at a time?

It’s difficult for humans to breakdown text to binary translator manually since the 8-bit code is complex and you may not convert text accurately into binary. Computers can use binary code to find, organize, send, and store more and more types of information by grouping single bits together into larger and larger groups.


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