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Prepostseo blog search Tool helps you to find most relevant, high authority, top quality, free do-follow backlinks. Our blog finder has the option to search .edu and .gov sites also.

Search Blogs:You can this tool for Blogspot search, WordPress or any other platform.

200+ Foot Prints:From .edu and .gov site to blogs and forums this tool has 200+ footprints.

Any Keyword:From .edu and .gov site to blogs and forums this tool has 200+ footprints.

Yes, you can use this link searching tool for Blogspot blog search. Also, you can find blogs in any category. It is very tough to find blogs on blogger manually because there is no official Blogspot finder available. All you have to do is to enter the keyword related to your category, select platform then select footprint type and click on search button.

For food blogs, you have to enter keywords related to the food category. For example, use keywords like recipes, cooking, bars, bakery, juices, etc. Now there are multiple options which type of website you want to search. For Blogs, please select “Blog Commenting” option. Now next step is what website builder you want to search e-g: WordPress, Drupal, Dotclear blog, etc. Similarly, you can find food guest posting sites using this tool.

Search Blog Topics

When it comes to deciding on a topic for your new post, we have to struggle a lot. Well, this blog topics finder tool has made it very simple. Let’s suppose you want to search topic related to SEO category. Enter SEO in the keyword, select blog website type and click submit button.

You can say it is a google blog search, as we use Google search operators to find related results. We do not scrap google after you click on submit button you will be redirected to google search to find blogs. You can also check the pattern of those operators in your browser address bar.

Is this a White hat SEO method?

Yes, it is 100% white hat SEO method. But it mostly depends on you that how you use the blog directory to get backlinks. We suggest you check domain authority and page rank of each website before you start work on it. If your website is very new, we suggest you get free backlinks using our backlink maker tool.

Why Use This Tool?

There are a lot of software available to get free backlinks for your website. But 99% of those software fall under black hat SEO category. That will not only down your website ranking, also google will penalize your website after some time. For a neat and clean website you can to search on google. But doing that work manually is very tough and time taking. This Tool not only helps you to find relative websites in seconds but also you can learn how Google search operator works using it. This is a 100% free backlinks building tool and to make work faster we have not placed any kind of captcha on it.

Blog Search Tool Working

We have collected a lot of footprints. The footprint is a search term that is used to find a specific type of web pages. We have all those footprints saved in our database and you can also export it. We regularly update our database to provide you more and best solutions for backlink searching. Also, we included .edu and .gov TLD search options in this tool to get do-follow backlinks.

Forums backlinks are very effective if we build them wisely. A forum post with low OBL (Out bond Links) can give your webpage a powerful backlink, and of course, that’s 100% free. We have following forums search options available

  1. Phpbb
  2. vBulletin
  3. MyBB Forum
  4. Vanilla Forum
  5. ExpressionEngine
  6. SMF (Simple Machines Forum)
  7. YaBB