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Whenever we develop a webpage we require to put lots of code to make it look reasonable. We structure it like a webpage using HTML, then we make it colorful using CSS, then we also consider to put some effects of jQuery and sometimes we also need to validate user-input using JavaScript etc. So, all of our code embeds to maintain the shape and functionality of our webpages. Now comes the text turn that is used to display the information for the visitors of that particular website. So to be more precise and to-the-point there are mainly two groups of items that a webpage has:

  • Code
  • Text

Ratio between code and text is mainly a factor when page loads. Google and other SEs classify fast loading pages more valued and standout than slower ones, but they consider the factor of Code to Text ratio. So, one should keep this ratio between 25 to 75% but it’s not a really very hard and fast rule.

Features and Functionality of “Code to Text Ratio” tool:

It’s a simple and straightforward tool that is capable to precisely look into your webpages and calculates an exact ratio of your code to text. Using this tool is as simple as just working on two steps only. Just paste the webpage link and click ‘Check Ratio’ button. You get the measurement of your code and text separately in Kilobytes and finally you get the %age of Code to Text ratio. This tool enables you to check Code to Text Ratio for multiple pages up to 10 maximum as well.