What is a Query?
A single search query is a sentence that is checked for plagiarism. e-g: if you check an article of 500 words it consume almost 12-18 queries to check plagiarism. All Memberships / Plans are according to those queries.
Does this plagiarism checker checks every sentence?
Our Plagiarism Software and Wordpress Plugin check each and every sentence carefully over the billions of web pages arround the world. We do not check your sentences randomly.
What is the queries limit for visitors and for free users?
Visitors can only use 30 Search queries and free users can enjoy 500 search queries per month.
Will my membership renew automatically every month?
No, we will not charge you automatically every month. you have to renew your membership every month manually. you can change your membership plan any time also you can renew your membership any time.
I am using this tool on my wordpress blog and also directly from this site, how my limit consumes?
You can use 500 queries on your wordpress blog and 250 extra queries from our site directly. normal useres are only allowed to use 500 queries per month.
Still Need Help?
Still Need Help?