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Extract all links from a website

link extractor tool is used to scan and extract links from HTML of a web page. It is 100% free SEO tools it has multiple uses in SEO works.

Some of the most important tasks for which linkextractor is used are below

  1. To find out calculate external and internal link on your webpage.
  2. Extract links from website and check the status if those are broken or working.
  3. In the creation of a sitemap if you want to generate full sitemap manually.

How does this URL extractor work?

Working with this tool is very simple. First, it gets the source of the webpage that you enter and then extracts URLs from the text. Using this tool you will get the following results

  1. Total number of the links on the web page
  2. Anchor text of each link.
  3. Do-follow and No-Follow Status of each anchor text.
  4. Link Type internal or external
  5. You can also filter and get a list of internal or external links only.

How to use our link extractor online?

We have developed this tool in such a way that users can easily understand the process and results of the tool. All you have to enter the website address click on the submit button. After that our tool will extract all links from the website and display you all the results that are mentioned above. No captcha or registration needed to use this tool.

Is this a Safe Tool?

Our tool is 100% safe and secure. We respect our customers, any input you add to view results we do not save it or share it publically.

How to extract URLs from the website?

There are two options available in prepostseo online URL extractor. You can extract links from text or website. Click on the Webpage tab and enter your website address to start the scrapping process.

Can I Add this Scrapper to my website?

Our developers are working on it and the website widget will be available soon for all users. Currently, we have developed the widgets for our top SEO tools. That includes Plagiarism checker, SEO checker, article rewriter and domain authority checker.

Limits and Usage

There are no limits to using this tool you can perform as much check as you want. Even we have not added in captcha or registration process for this tool to make it work faster.

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5 Stars - by , September 07, 2018
Very useful tool, keep developing these type of works
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