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To use prepostseo Bulk Domain Whois Checker, Paste upto 10 Urls in the input box given below and click on Checl Whois Details Button.

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Check Whois Details for multiple domains

WHOIS (pronounced as the phrase who is) is term that is used to check information about the website owner of the website. It includes a detailed report of registrar Name, Hosting Company, Owner information, Email address, Name servers, created date, last updated date and billing information of a domain. People need it when they want to contact the administrator of a website.

Domain Whois Checker allows you to get information about technical, billing and administrator of a company. You can paste up to 10 domain urls to check whois of those websites.

Our tool is totally free and user-friendly. We provide registration status, Registrar’s name, Server names and expiration date. The advantage of using our tool is that it's very quick and simple to use with proper navigation of the steps. So the user will have no difficulties. Simple go to the tool and paste the domains inside the box and click check. And there you go.

Why it's needed?

Whois basically let you keep a track on the information of your domain. An owner can look through the information and change or update it anytime. Keeping a track will let you know the strength and weaknesses of your domain so you can improve it. It also helps you to privatize the data to proof it from the mishaps like hacking or tracking. It is also used to see whether the domain is available or not or if it then should we buy it or not.Whois provides information which is normally helpful in resolving ownership registration issue. For example, birth or expiration of the domain and the identity. Also, to resolve technical issues by contacting web administrators. Also in the law firms, Agents normally use WHOIS database to collect domain information of website which is advertised in a spam. There are literally hundreds of uses and necessities for this tool. So our tool is providing everything above.

Is Whois changed with time?

It all depends on the administrator of the website. You can change contact information if your website any time, that means who changed. There are some main things that can change whois records of a domain:

  1. Changing Name servers
  2. If a company sifted its system from one location to other
  3. If website owner changed then new administrator will provide its own information.
  4. Billing or technical address changed
  5. if a security companies used that cover you domain information.

It is recommended that you keep your information private to prevent hacking attacks on your website. Adding privacy also keep you safe from spammer.

If you want to check owner information by using email address. Then you can use reverse whois checker tool. That online seo tool allows you to search list of all doamins registered against a name or email.