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Online Keyword Density Checker:

Keyword density is the percentage of times a keyword or phrase used in a web page as compare to the total content available on that web page. It is also known as keyword frequency. In SEO term, webmasters calculate it to determine whether a web page is relevant to a specified keyword.

Prepostseo keyword density tool not only helps you to fix your mistakes, but also it does identify your mistakes in your website content so that you can change it according to the best values. Content writers and webmasters have to check density for their articles before they publish or after published; So we added both options to check density via webpage url or by copy pasting your text in the input box.We provide 100% free services and there is not limit on it tool. You can perform unlimited checks to calculate keyword density for your text. We are planning to add an option, that will allow you to check keyword frequency directly by uploading Txt, Doc, Docx or PDF file.

After the results displayed you will see 3 outputs; keyword, No. of times it is used and it’s density according to the total content. Formula for calculating keyword density is very simple. First your phrase is calculated to check how many times you have used it in your content and divide it with the total length of your text.

Our online density checking software analyzes results in 3 different angles. It will display one, Two and Three words density. Frequency of using one same word must not exceed from 3% of your total content and In case of long tail search phrases you must keep it between 1-2%.

Now most common question comes in mind; what will happen if I exceed it's limits. Excessive use of same words or phrase may are not recommended by search engines and your website may penalize by google or bing under the section of keyword stuffing. So never and ever try to over-optimize your website content.

How Keyword Density can result in Over Optimization

In the early 90s, most of the webmaster used this trick to rank their website in the search engines in no time. But with the passage of time search engines restricted their policies to improve search results. In its Panda update, Google marked all those websites spam, those were using the same keyword multiple times. Using a keyword 4-5 times is natural. Most of the SEO experts recommend having keyword density lower than 3%. More than that percentage is over optimization.

Keyword Density effects Search Engine Rankings

How it is calculated

The density of any keyword is calculated with the following formula (NKr/Tkn)x100, where Nkr is how many times a keyword is used and Tkn is total words in your article or text. If you are using keyword “Plagiarism Checker”, it will be considered as one keyword, not 2 words and formula will be (1/Tkn)x100.

How to deal with high keyword density in your content

If Density is less than 3 percent then it’s nothing to worry about, but if it exceeds this limit then it will be considered as keyword stuffing. First Trick is to use synonyms for your keyword, for example, you can replace “plagiarism checker” with “plagiarism detector”, “plagiarism software” or “copy paste checker”. For this purpose you can use PPS article rewriter, it will automatically search for synonyms against the content. The second Trick, Increase text length; it will automatically lower this percentage.