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Tiny Font Generator

PrePostSEO tiny text generator in an online tool which converts normal text letters into tiny text. This tool not only converts your text to subscript, superscript and tiny caps but it also converts caps to lowercase.

Quick & FastPrepostseo online tiny text generator quickly converts your content to very small letters 

Multiple outputs:Mini text generator not only create tinyletters but also to five other font sizes and styles

Easy to use:This tiny letter generator very easy to use, all you have to copy and paste your text

It is not possible to write this small text and tiny letters from your keyboard, you need some kind of online tool to get subscript and small caps values. Although we have created a separate small text generator tool for it, this tool is also helpful.

Our tiny text generator strips all extra spaces in your text to shrink it. So that you can post end results in where you want. This tiny font is mostly used to post a status on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram.

We do not show you the output using HTML sub and sup tags. We use the Unicode alphabet char-set instead. Because you can only copy and paste Unicode alphabets.

As a blogger, you will be well-informed about the different types of writing and typing styles. However, there are a few forms that not everyone is familiar with. Even if most people know what those forms are, they don't know how to put those styles in use. Let us look into tiny font generator.

Superscript and subscript letters

This current text is a normal text. It follows a line on which it is aligned. There are some letters that go above and below this line. The letters that go above this line are called superscript letters and the letters that go below this line are called subscript letters.

Small caps letters

These might be a little difficult to understand. Small cap letters are not lowercase letters. They are basically uppercase letters scaled down to the size of lowercase letters. As the term itself indicates, these are letters that are in caps but small. This is done in order to reduce uppercase letters in weight and size.

Tiny caps are used at the start of those paragraphs where you want your user to focus. Similarly, tiny font also looks more beautiful when posted on Tumblr or Facebook. These social media websites allow you to use almost any type of Unicode characters. Tiny text generator fonts are equally popular among social users and bloggers.

You might see some characters look very different when converted to superscript, subscript or in tiny caps. This is because Unicode characters have that specific design and browsers cannot change it. For example in subscript C, D, F, G, Q and Z look little different from other letters. And in small caps letter F look different.