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PrePostSEO English Spell Check

Spell Checker Tool

Consider that you have to write a college assignment on “successful techniques of digital marketing”, what would be your process of doing so? It is important to follow a proper step wise process when you are creating a piece of writing. Secondly, editing is an important step as it gives the finishing touches to what you have written. Even if you are extremely careful while creating the content, there is every chance that you would make spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

Not checking them simply means that when the reader goes through what you have written, he would view content with spelling mistakes. These mistakes reduce the level of trust that the reader would develop for the writer. If your content has spelling mistakes, it simply means that the writer was not smart enough to proofread them. Only spell check isn't enough. You must check grammar on Grammar Checker before the final submission of the document. In an overall manner, it can be said that checking spelling errors and grammar is very important.

Info about Spell Checker

Tool A lot of people do not use the spell checker tool because they think that it is not reliable. This is not a fact by any means. You need to be careful about picking the correct tool that has a reputation. Let us drill down to the basic details about a spell checker tool and the purpose that it serves.

Why use a spell checker tool?

It is not possible for most people to be aware of correct spellings of all words. Even the most intelligent people make spelling mistakes. How can you avoid them? Checking each word while you are writing it would make you extremely exhausted. It is not practically possible to do so. Along with that, it hampers the overall writing process.

When you are working on a piece of content checking spelling errors at the same time, the duration of completing the content development phase would obviously increase. Manual proofreading reduces the focus of the writer as he would be spending more time for editing purposes. On the other hand, when you are using an online spell check tool, you can focus completely on the writing tasks. No need to see whether any spelling mistakes are being made or not. We would recommend you to use Word Counter and Line Counter too so you can count words and lines of the written piece of paper tor reduce mistakes.

Benefits of English Spell Checker

Spell checker tools are absolutely necessary when you are writing a piece of content. At academic institutions, teachers use these tools so that they can check the assignments submitted by students. It helps them in saving time and completing grading tasks quickly. Along with that, web masters also use these tools to publish quality content on their respective websites.

The use of an English spell check tool provides two key benefits. The first is that all kinds of errors are removed without spending long hours. If you are checking written content manually, you cannot proofread it without investing several hours. The second benefit is saving effort. Checking assignments or web content without a proper tool is a daunting task. Each line has to be checked without skipping any word.

In a nutshell, there is no need to go through such a lengthy route. There is no point in investing so much effort when a high standard tool can accomplish all these tasks. If you are using the Prepost SEO online spell checker, you would not have to perform any proofreading tasks.

The Prepost SEO Spell Checker Tool

When you search on the internet for spell checker tools, numerous options would be shown to you and each tool provider would make the biggest promises. The key issue is that most of these tools are only about making claims. These tools offer trial versions only to the user which simply means that the user would not be able to use it after a particular span of time. To continue usage, the user would have to make payments after which his account would be restored. As compared to such tools, the Prepost SEO spell checker tool places the user in a very advantageous situation. To start with, this tool does not require the user to make any payments. Some key features of the Prepost SEO English spell check tool are listed below.

  1. Free usage with all features

You do not have to pay for anything when you are using this tool. All the features are free and there are no restrictions on the number of times the tool can be used. For professional writers, this is a big sigh of relief as they have to check the spelling mistakes when they complete each chapter and when they are compiling the content. You can check the content for spelling mistakes as many times you want without worrying about making any payments. Prepost is a completely free online tool so no unnecessary installations are needed. A lot of tools require users to download heavy installation setup files and this makes them wait for long. With the Prepost SEO spell checker, this requirement is not present. You do not need to download any application files as this tool works online.

  1. Correct suggestions for users

At times, when we are reading a piece of content, we feel that there is something wrong with the spelling. However, we are unable to identify the mistake and determine the correct spelling. If you are using the Prepost SEO spell checking tool, you do not have to put in so much effort. The tool would do everything for you. It would highlight the spellings which are wrong and provide you with the correct options. You simply need to click the correct option and it would replace the incorrect spelling. If you are experienced writer who has to complete his book before a particular date, this tool would help you in saving time.

  1. No chances of skipping errors

Consider that you have written a blog and you plan to proofread it manually. While proofreading, you figure out that there are ten spelling mistakes. The problem is that you may have skipped an error while proofreading. Humans tend to make these mistakes even when there is a slight slip of concentration. When you are using a spell checker tool, there would be no chances of the concentration slipping away. The tool would identify all mistakes made without skipping anything. For writers who always have to worry about tight deadlines, this is a good alternative. Manual checking is always the other alternative available but it has both time and efficiency problems.

Most Common types of spelling mistakes

There are countless types of spelling mistakes made by people when they are writing content. However, if you have a look at most mistakes, you would feel that a lot of them are repeated by people. Given below are some of the most repeated spelling errors which you can look at.

  1. Consonants repeated without the need

This is one of the most repeated mistakes and even the most experienced writers make it. Let us go through an example. Consider that someone is writing the word “harass”. A lot of people would use “r” two times even it is used once. The repeated use of consonants is impossible to identify if you are not using a proper spell checker. Thus, it is advised to use one if you are working on a blog, academic assignment or any other form of content. The repeated use of consonants is hard to identify through manual proofreading. This is because the writer thinks that he has spelled the word correctly.

  1. The use of the wrong vowel

A spelling error is counted as a fundamental mistake irrespective of the type. One error commonly noticed is the use of incorrect vowels. For instance, “a” may be used in place of “e” or “e” may be used in place of “a”. This mistake is not unintentional because the writer takes the incorrect mistake as the correct one. Using a spell checker obviously helps in dealing with this problem in the most effective manner. A quality application used for spelling check identifies to the user that the wrong vowel has been used. Along with that, the suggestions for the correct spelling are given to the user as well. If you are using a proper application for checking purposes, you would not have to perform any manual checks.

  1. Selection and use of incorrect consonant

There is no doubt that some alphabets have the same sound and due to this, writers use them incorrectly. For instance, consider the word “supersede”. A lot of people use “c” instead of the second “s”. This is mistake is not committed by inexperienced writers only. Even experienced writers make this error. There is no point in going through each line manually and identifying the spelling errors. A high standard spelling checker would be able to identify all mistakes that have been made.

The use Of Spell Checkers in Educational Institutes

College and university students are always working on essay papers, research papers, terms papers and other academic assignments during their educational tenure. Advisors and teachers take their time when these assignments are being grades. These experts have a look at various angles including content originality, research effort and spelling mistakes. In a nutshell, the use of English spell checker is high in educational institutes.

  1. Checking bulk assignments

There is no doubt that college and university teachers have a lot of burden on their head. They have to check several assignments at the same time. For instance, consider that a teacher has to check 50 assignments at the same time. He or she would not have the time to checking spelling errors in each of them. Checking so many assignments manually would obviously require a lot of human effort. Thus, it is important for teachers to use a spell checker tool so that they do not have to put in so much time and energy.

  • For teachers and academic supervisors, going through assignments and checking them is a daily process. They simply do not have the time to go through each assignment and rectify errors. Along with that, when it comes to grading assignments, teachers have to complete the checking process before a certain deadline. They simply do not have the time to read each line in every assignment and correct the mistakes. Using an automated tool makes things much simpler for them. First of all, they do not have to use their own time. Secondly, they can be rest assured that no errors would be missed.

  1. Assignments checked in much lesser time

Teachers and academic supervisors are not responsible for checking one academic assignment at a time. They carry the responsibility of checking several assignments together. For instance, if a teacher has to go through 20 assignments, checking each one of them manually would consume an insane amount of time. Even if it takes 20 minutes to do through one assignment, the teacher would be spending more than 6 hours to complete all of them. In simple terms, manual proofreading can exhaust teachers beyond limits. This is the key reason why spell checking tools are used so much in academic institutions.

  • As it is mentioned above, manual proofreading consumes a lot of time. This is obviously not the case if a proper spell checker is being used. A quality tool like Prepost SEO spelling checker scans the written content in few minutes. Even if you have a large writing piece that has to be checked, it would be done in few minutes. Compared to this, if you are reading the content manually, you should be prepared to put in several hours.

  1. Academic checking requires a lot of efficiency

When you are grading an academic assignment, you cannot adopt a casual approach. Each and every mistake has to be properly checked because the academic future of the student depends on it. Teachers simply do not have the time to go through each assignment manually because they have to check a bulk at a time. For instance, if an academic advisor has to go through the thesis papers of even ten students, it means going through a very large word count because each thesis paper comprises of thousands of words.

  • When teachers are checking academic assignments, spelling mistakes is not the only area that requires checking. Advisors have to read through the content and check the quality it has before they award the student with the final grade. Considering that advisors have to go through so much pressure, it becomes hard for them to check each assignment for grammatical and spelling errors. Other than that, even if they are able to check all assignments, it would be impossible to be 100% efficient.
  • Spell checkers are technological tools so you can be rest assured that no spelling error would be skipped. Prepost SEO spelling checker is one of the finest tools you can look at. It produces 100% efficient results and is highly recommended for academic institutions. For teachers, it is a tool that eliminates a lot of pressure. When the assignments are received, teachers can get them scanned through this tool.

  1. Teachers can reduce their work load

Professional teachers teaching in academic institutions have tough routines. Apart from checking assignments and awarding grades, they have to perform several other tasks as well. For instance, they have to take classes, design curriculums and manage examinations. Due to this exhaustive work schedule, they do not have the time to read each assignment line before a grade is awarded to the student.

  • The Prepost SEO spell checker is tool which reduces the work load of teachers by a big margin. They can get a bulk of assignments proofread in a short while. Let us go through a proper example. Consider that you are a teacher who needs to go through 40 research papers. It is obvious that you would need a high quality spelling checker tool to identify the spelling mistakes made by the students. It is simply not possible to go through so many research papers even if you have nothing else to do.

  1. Reputed institutions have to safeguard their standing

The reputation of an academic institution can easily go down if any of the assignments have not been graded properly. This does happen when students are awarded with incorrect grades and mistakes are ignored. However, these acts even though unintentional can bring down the reputation of academic institutions. Thus, when it comes to checking spelling mistakes, the best institutions use the best online spell checkers.

  • Reputed academic institutions cannot afford to grade assignments in an incorrect and inefficient manner. This is the core reason why they have to use a proper spell checker so that assignments can be checked with 100% efficiency. If you are not using one of these tools, there are very rare chances that you would be proofreading assignments without making errors.
  • Experienced teachers working at the best academic institutions are very particular about how assignments can be proofread. They have to manage a lot of workload in a short time span. Along with that, they cannot afford to make any mistakes. Considering all these requirements, a quality tool like Prepost SEO spell checker helps them out. To start with, teachers do not have to use any of their valuable time for spelling checks. They can simply use this tool and get each assignment scanned through it. Once the scanning process has been completed, all mistakes made are shown. On the basis of these mistakes, the student is awarded with a grade.
  • The online spell check tool is not used for checking assignments only. Academic institutions have to produce various publications including brochures, yearly planners and online content for their website. All these content pieces have to be free of grammatical mistakes. Thus a quality tool like Prepost SEO spell checker comes in handy for them. All the written material is scanned through it without any mistake going undetected.

Why Enterprises and Web Masters should use Spell Checker?

Corporate enterprises achieve a lot of benefits from their website. These include establishing contacts and strengthening business relations. This does depend on the standard of the website as well. You cannot expect to build strong business relations if the content on your website has spelling errors. It is a big mistake on the corporate scale to publish content without getting errors checked.

Web masters are responsible for web content

Webmasters are responsible for publishing content on the official company website. If there are any mistakes with the content, readers get the impression that the web master has not gone through any content proofreading. It is important to grasp the content that if your website has content with spelling errors, it would create a negative impression in front of people who access it. People who visit the website would think that the content has been written by an amateur. Thus, web masters have to be sure that the content is proofread properly through a quality online spell check tool.

  • Web masters have a tough routine to follow. They are responsible for several tasks including website management, handling technical tasks and technical troubleshooting. With so many day to day tasks, it is not possible for them to proofread the content prior to publishing. Even if a dedicated editor is doing the job, the results would not match the efficiency of a quality proofreading tool. Prepost SEO spell checker tool is an amazing option for web masters as they are responsible for the overall progress of the website.

Complete assurance about content quality

Publishing content with grammatical mistakes is one of the biggest fears that web masters have. Aslo, plagiarism is a big problem in content quality. Plagiarism Checker is the solution of this problem. The reputation of a website goes at stake when content with grammatical mistakes and plagiarism is published on it. Thus, being careful is very important. Palgiarism Comaprison is another free tool to comapre two files to find plagiarism.

  • The use of a good online spell check tool is a lifesaving constituent for web masters and enterprise organizations. Do you know that when people visit a website, they create an opinion about it on the basis of how good or bad the content is? You cannot expect more people to visit your website if it has spelling errors. All reputed websites use top notch spelling checker tools so that they do not have to worry about traffic count.