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Age Calculator

In literal terms, age is the difference between two individual dates. One of them is the birth date which actually marks the beginning of age. The second date identifies the duration till which the age has to be determined. You can use the current date, a date in the past or a futuristic date for this purpose.

Consider that your date of birth is 28th March 1984 and the current date is 28th March 2019. If you use the current date to determine your age, it would be exactly 35 years. Similarly, if you wish to check your age on 28th Feb 2019, it would be 34 years and 11 months. Lastly, if you wish to check your age on 28th April 2019, you would be 35 years and 1 months old.


Relevant for online submissions

On day to day basis, users fill online registration forms for different purposes. For instance, you would be entering your details online to create an account on a photo sharing website. Several details are entered by users while going through the registration process. One of them is the age. Most websites have a minimum age limit and the form is only submitted when the entered age is verified. You need to calculate the number of months on your fingers when it can be done more conveniently through the exact age calculator.

How to calcualte age

Users prefer this pearson age calculator due to several reasons. One of them is that they do not have to go through any lengthy steps. The following points highlight the steps which users have to execute.

  • Enter the date of birth

This is the key input on behalf of which the age is calculated. Once you have entered the date, click the “calculate” button for viewing the determined age.

  • Age with different units

At times, knowing the age only in years does not work out. If you need your age in months or days, several multiplications would have to be performed. No such requirement exists if this calculator is used. It displays the calculated age with different units. You can view the age in years, months, days, hours, minutes and even seconds. Based on the requirements you have, the appropriate unit can be selected.