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Age Calculator

The Age Calculator by Prepostseo is an online tool that is designed to calculate the age, date of birth, current date, and the difference between two dates. 

After the calculation of age or date difference, the age calculator displays results in years, months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds.

How to Use the Age Calculator?

The following points highlight the simple steps which you need to do for age, birth date, and age difference calculation:

Steps to Use Calculate Age from Your Date of Birth:

  1. Select your birthdate from the age on the targeted date option of the tool.

  2. After the birth date, you should select your birth time.

  3. In the end, you should click the “Calculate” button.

  4. Our age calculator will quickly calculate your age and provide your age in multiple formats.

Steps to Calculate the Age Difference:

Here are some simple to  find age differences with our birth date calculator tool:

  1. Select your birthdate or any other date.

  2. Select the age on the targeted age.

  3. Now click the “Calculate” button.

  4. Our tool will take no time to calculate the age difference.

  5. Lastly, you need to scroll down and click the “Age on Targeted Date”.

What is the Purpose of Our Age Calculator?

The purpose of our age calculator is to answer a wide range of individual questions; 

“How old is my baby?” “How many days and years old am I?” “How old is someone?” “How old was I on this date” and many others. To answer these queries our tool provides details for the dates entered by the users. These details include:

  • Age in Years.

  • Age in Months.

  • Age in Days.

  • Age in Hours.

  • Age in Seconds and minutes.

Key Features of Our Age Calculator Tool

Following are the advanced and dynamic features offered by the tool:

  • Fast and Accurate Tool:

The Age Calculator by Prepostseo is based on intelligent and advanced technology.  This feature makes the birthdate tool work quickly and accurately. 

So, when you are asked how old are you? Our tool is a suitable and easy solution for immediate age calculation.

  • Common Age System

The age calculator is based on a common age system. So, it can be utilized anywhere and for everyone.

  • Free to Use

The DOB calculator is a free-to-use tool that can be easily accessed by anyone. It has no use limit or subscription plan.

  • Next Birthday

With our birthdate calculator, you can calculate your next birthdate. For this, it provides a particular option, named “Next Birthdate” clicking which you can know your next birthdate.

  • Age Difference Calculation

Another unique feature of our age calculator is its capability to calculate the difference between two ages.

Use Cases of the Age Calculator

The Prepostseo’s age calculator by year can be used in multiple cases by different types of users. The top use cases of our age and birthdate calculator are discussed below:

  • Personal Use

People can use our age and birthdate calculator tool to quickly calculate their own age or the age of family members, friends, etc.

  • HR Departments

HR specialists can use our birthday calculator tool to accurately and quickly record the ages of their employees. With our age calculator, HRs can calculate the ages of many employees.

  • Government Organizations

Our tool is a useful solution for government organizations which mostly have to calculate the DOB and current age of individuals.

  • Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare providers like doctors or nurses may use the age calculator to check patients' ages for medical assessments, treatment plans, etc.


1. How to check How old Am I?

Our free age calculator is an easier-to-use tool which accurately calculates your age. You just need to select your birthdate and run the tool. Our tool will calculate your age as well as your next birthday.

2. How to Calculate Age from Two Dates?

You can use our age calculator tool to calculate the age between two dates. You need to set the first date, and second date as a targeted date, and run the tool. It will provide you with an age difference between the two dates.