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Discount Rate Calculator

Have you ever wandered through a store and looked at the discount percentages and selling prices for a long time, or wondered if that online purchase was actually 20% off the way it was advertised?

Now you can solve this mystery with our discount calculator. With all percentage amounts, our online discount calculator works perfect to calculate percentage off. All you need to do is write the item's original price into dollars and the percentage discounted for the item. Then, after the discount, just click calculate to find out the item's true price. It's amazingly quick, easy and free.

For instance:

If you see an item that was originally priced at $29.99 and shows a 23 percent discount. By inserting those numbers into our calculator, you will find out that the item is now $23.09 with a $6.90 savings. You can double-check them once you have our numbers with the store discount and/or the discount you see online to make sure it's correct.

Even with fractions of percentages, our percentage discount calculator works great. If you see an item with an original $24.99 price and the discount is 17.5 percent, you can write the fractional digits into our discount rate calculator and find out that the new price is $20.62 with a $4.37 discount.

It has never been easier to find the discounted price of an item before!

How to calculate discount?

A discount is a decrease in a good or service's basic price. It can happen during the production or sale process at any stage-suppliers can put a discount on material prices, or retailers can put a bright red tag that says 15 percent OFF! on a clothes piece.

Often, discounts are made to prompt outdated stock sales, reward clients, attract attention or increase short-term profits.

We as customers often fall into the impulse purchase trap tempted by a discount percentage. More often, however, we lose money instead of saving when we indulge in shopping by buying unnecessary goods prompted by a lower price promise.

Have you ever wondered the actual value of a discount? You may have some deals in mind, or you may have a percentage off coupon in hand, and you want to know exactly what that discount percentage is in dollars.

Using this Calculator, it is the easiest way to learn the discount price. But if you want to do the calculation manually, you can use the formula:

Discounted price = original price – discount

Where the discount is equal to the original price product and the discount rate. The final equation is therefore as follows:

Discounted price = original price – original price x discount rate

Types of Discounts

Seasonal Discounts

You may encounter different types of discounts. Some are seasonal. Big clothing stores often announce 50% discounts when seasons change.

Payment Method Discounts

Others are related to a particular type of payment. Many retailers prefer to be paid in cash rather than with a bank card to avoid transaction fees and immediately receive the money.

Social Groups Discounts

Specific social groups receive discounts based on their peculiarity including students, military officers, elderly people and people with disabilities. Most companies also offer their employees special discounts.

Special Days Discounts

You may have witnessed these discounts on various occasions like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day etc. These discounts are given to honor specific group of people.

Coupon Discounts

Coupon discounts are mostly used online i.e., Amazon, eBay. One get discounts if he has the code to apply before checking out the cart after online shopping. However coupon discounts are not limited to e-shopping.

No matter what discount is in the store, our discount calculator is always there to calculate percentage off rate for you. It will let you in the seconds how much you are going to save for the particular sale on the item.

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