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HTML encode online / HTML decode online

ASCII was the first character encoding standard (also called character set). 128 different characters defined in it including English Letters, numbers and most common special characters.

ANSI also was known as Windows-1252 was the original charset for windows and it supported 256 different character codes.

UTF-8 Unicode charset covers almost every character and symbols used in the web pages. This is the reason encoding of most of the databases is UTF-8

Pre Post SEO provides you the options to HTML encode and HTML decodes at the same time. You can use text strings as an input option.

Why is it important?

Web encoding is a way to ensure that your text or string will properly display in the browsers. Whenever text is copied from a webpage, our browsers directly copy the decoded characters that could not be displayed in the browsers. Those ASCII characters must be encoded to properly display the output.

The HTML character encoder converts all ASCII characters to their HTML entities. Every character has a specific meaning it should be converted into proper entity code to convey the original message of that character. For example, © character stands for copyright and in HTML entity code it will be written as ©

In the same way, some character could not be used directly in the HTML web page. For example, we cannot use less-then (left angle bracket) < directly in the HTML page if we do. Browsers will consider that an opening HTML tag. So a proper HTML entity will be used to display that character which is < .

To html encode decode in PHP there is are two built-in functions that can do that job

htmlentities() function is used to encode html / text strings and html_entity_decode() is used to decode HTML / text strings.

How to use our HTML decode online?

Using our tool is very simple, our developers have designed this tool in that way you can check encoded or decoded strings in real-time. Also if you want you can encrypt all characters including ASCII supported characters.

Important Note:
url encode decode is a different process and we have separate tool for it.

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