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Check Google Malware for webpages:

Google works really hard to make the internet surfers’ life absolutely hassle free and fun. Google keeps on scanning its index using a virtual machine. This machine detects all of those pages and websites that are harmful. Websites can be harmful in the way, like may be the sites are fishing sites, scamming people using different ways, maybe some are full of malwares and or viruses etc. So, basically Google tries to get rid all of these sites, un-index such sites and even show the safe or unsafe sign on each and every of its search pages with the site title. So, it’s always better to look for a site that is safe to visit beforehand to keep your personal as well as confidential information safe and secure.

How does “Google Malware Checker” tool works? presents to you a very handy and simple “Google Malware Checker” tool. Just click on it and you are inside the functional area. Here you can see a box to fill out with the URL. This is going to be the URL about which you are conscious to investigate. After providing a complete and correct URL in the box just click the button “Check Malware”. When you click the button a new window will popup immediately. Don’t you worry at all! This is actually a call to Google Malware’s Official site and you will find the results efficiently. So, our tool helps you avoid to bear extra load of searching for Google’s official webpage to perform this check about malware.

Ip Location Checker

Our Multiple Addresses Ip Location Finder allows you to check the location of 50 web server IP addresses. You can check location by entering the domain name or Ip Address.

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Free Onine Website SEO Analyzer to review mistakes in your on-page SEO. It also gives you the information about the meta tags, your text, html structure, etc.

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Check Page authority of your website with just one click. you can use 1-10 urls to check page authority.

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